Am I a traitor?

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Am I a traitor?

I'm cheering for Sweden over Canada in the World Junior's
I can't help myself, I just can't cheer for a team that beats up on Kazahkastan 15-0

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Well, since I've been to Sweden more recently than I've been to Canada, I suppose I could switch allegiences. But these kids showed a lot of skill and determination (and luck?), particularly against the US and Russia. Of course, I won't be watching the game, so I suppose it doesn't matter whom I support.


Yes, Keystone you were a traitor.



My heart skipped a beat, thinking this was a Bob Rae Mea Culpa.

Papal Bull

But what about those Kazakhs who beat up on those Mongolians 40-0?

Clearly, Canada was fighting for Mongolia's hockey pride!


I think there's less  said about running up the score in hockey than in football.  In football, it's a real big no no.

In a tournament like this, I think ties-- and there tends to be a number of them-- are awarded on a total goal basis, so running up the score has a excuse.

Be that as it may, I wasn't happy to see the 15-0 score either.  I don't think it's cricket to humiliate an opponent, particularly ones that are trying to develop a program under trying economic and political circumstances. 

On the other hand, I enjoyed last night's game, and enjoy the fact that the Swedes must surely hate us by now.   Unintentionally, we gave them every opportunity to win that game, and in true Swedish fashion, they refused the invite to victory.


Papal Bull

Kazakhstan isn't exactly a poor country, nor is it politically tried. It has been stable for a helluva long time under the Nazarbayev family's dictatorship. It has amazing wealth from natural gas and other petroproduction. Besides, their hockey squad is primarily ethnic Russians who have the money to support their children's game playing. Plus, they are tied directly into the Russian Super League.

It was like when the movie Borat came out and many of my E. European friends were confused by the fact that Kazakhstan was portrayed in such a fashion.


Actually, I've seen just enough of "Borat" to confirm it's one of the few styles of humour I find far from funny.  Like certain "George Castanza" episodes on "Sienfeld" and the Ricky Gervaize character from the original "The Office", that stuff just makes me feel vicariously embarassed.

I was also aware that Kasakhstan had petroleum resources, and a dictatorship. 

Where you caught me assuming was in the fact that the dictatorship was probably not good at wealth distribution, nor the political climate fun friendly.