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500_Apples wrote:

epaulo13 wrote:
..if i may. the backdrop is some bad humans are doing the exploiting and some good humans are saving the day. there is a meaningful difference and this is what offends me most.


Do all humans need to be the same?

..why does it offend me? because the main story is not about the na'vi. because they have taken a work of art and turned it into a war movie. because they want me to believe that this is what i/we like.
..what occurs in the movie is not revoulution. it's the old rotten apple theory. it's the bad military people and the bad corporations we need to get rid of. when it's the system that is corrupt throughout. these people aren't differen't. what would be different would be if the sequal was not framed in war. what would be different is if the story was centered on the day to day lives of the na'vi and their relationship with nature. what would be different is if there was a revolution on earth and an accord based on mutual respect ensued.  

..am i off the wall 500_Apples?


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Polunatic2 wrote:

I'd be careful on that. It was revealed years later that Philippine guerrilla movement was infiltrated by agents who moved into leadership positions and then accused hundreds of their members of being DPAs (deep penetration agents - i.e. pot calls kettle black). This resulted in hundreds of summary executions carried out by the rebels against their own. 

..txs, i didn't know this. i read the article. from what i remember of the movie this was not what happened though i can't swear to it.


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Long thread. 


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