Bad Cops:Mountie Barbarism - the hidden horseman horror story thread

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Bad Cops:Mountie Barbarism - the hidden horseman horror story thread

This thread will be for the distaff and dark side of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Please tell the tales, anecdotes stories and experiences of which there are so very, very, many. Everybody has one. And any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental of course. Pass it on here: Here's a sample starter from me.

I was told it was common for a certain staff Sergeant in the BC RCMP to interrogate people with soap bars in a bag or a couple of Vancouver phone books. Both were excellent clubbing devices apparently. He also had a syringe which was quite scary to be threatened with. A big Vancouver lawfirm representing a big Timber company used to pay him a little something exra for any useful information he passed on...

See? Simple. Next?

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Wait a minute! The Winnipeg, Montreal, and other police departments have carried out all sorts of ... well, atrocities, really. Shouldn't this be a generic bad cop thread? If you include Winnipeg cops, then I have a great story that I might have actually ...


OK RCMP AND Generic Canadian Bad-Cop Stories too. Let's hear it...

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It was late October in 1983. The US Marines in Lebanon had just received a most merciless ass-kicking. 241 US Servicemen blown to bits - the deadliest single day death toll since the first day of the Tet Offensive in Viet Nam. Uncle Sam wanted blood.

So Uncle Sam invaded tiny Grenada in the Caribbean, killing many - including a number of Cuban doctors and humanitarian workers. 

What's all this got to do with the Winnipeg Police? Well, there was a demonstration outside the US Consulate on Donald Street in Winnipeg over the invasion of Grenada by the US military. And, during the course of that demo, off duty soliders - in uniform, mind you - attacked the speakers and demonstrators. The security detachment defended the speaker(s) from attack.

And that's when the Winnipeg Police waded in. The off duty soldiers were left alone. The peaceful demonstrators were clubbed and arrested. But what was most disturbing of all was that THE POLICE TARGETTED THE NON-WHITES (AND COMMIES) AMONG THE DEMONSTRATORS. It was surreal.

Many Chileans who were present at that demo were still traumatized by the events that had taken place in their own country ten years earlier. No matter. The Winnipeg Police were going to teach them "a lesson".

Among the arrested was the then leader of the CP in Manitoba. You can look up her name. When her lawyer went to the Public Safety Building to inquire regarding her client ... they arrested her. Oh yea.

How do I know this is true? I was there. I saw it all. Including police officers running by me and attacking ... the non-whites.

This was the Winnipeg Police under Chief Herb Stephens. Needless to say, this had a certain radicalizing effect on yours truly.