Bea Arthur RIP - Right on Maude!

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Bea Arthur RIP - Right on Maude!

Since no one else seems to have started a thread on this - let me be the first. I'm in mourning over the death of Bea Arthur. She was one of my favourite TV characters as Maude when i was growing up in the 70s and i think that her role was a ground-breaker in terms of depicting a liberal woman in the US and dealt with all kinds of great topics like Maude getting an abortion, going through menopause, having a Republican neighbour etc... Apparently Bea Arthur was actually very progressive in real life too (as was Carroll O'Connor who actually campaigned for George McGovern while portraying Archie Bunker on All in the Family) and was doing ads attacking Kentucky Fried Chicken up until very recently.

Anyways, i figured this would be a good place for other people to post any notes on fond memories of Maude!

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RIP Bea Arthur, and thank you!


There is a great article about Bea Arthur in the Globe today by Lynn Crosbie:

"Yes, Maude, famously had an abortion. She was also androgynously beautiful, handsome even, with her short, spiky hair; her bright, flowing scarves and vests worn with slacks.

She was fiercely political, vermouth-dry in her humour; a lively, fully sexual partner to her often-bellicose husband Walter, and an intimidating, loving mother to her bodacious, imperturbable daughter, and grandson. Maude was hard, fast and cold, and could make you cry, because her sorrows were authentic and profound. She was our Harvey Milk, on one level, a million notes soaring below the highest, and sweetest note about our liberation."


I remember the show, Maude. She was introduced on All in the Family as Edith Bunker's cousin. I always thought she was a tough woman. Poor Walter.