Call for Artwork for G8/G20 Mobilizations

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Call for Artwork for G8/G20 Mobilizations



Leaders of the G8 and G20 countries are meeting Ontario in June 2010.

This is a historical meeting. Historical because it will probably be the last G8 meeting. Historical because the G8 has dozens of promises that are up and few it has met.

Historical because the year is 2010. A year that the indigenous and allied struggles against the Olympics will peak, a year when No One Is Illegal! May Day of Action will be on May Day (May 1), a year when Toronto will see
a mayoral elections, a year where large unions might go on coordinated strikes in Ontario, a year that will probably see a federal election.

This G8/G20 Summits are going to be met with large community based mobilizations. Mobilizations that will create and witness another world, a world free of oppression, a democratic world, a world where each of us
participates in the decisions that effect us.

These mobilizations need an image. A design. A poster. A color scheme.

They require one designer.

One designer to craft a poster that 'inspires' 'liberation', 'community-power', 'self-determination', 'justice', that shows the 'multiplicity' of our anti-poverty, anti-occupation, migrant justice, indigenous sovereignty struggles.

Could you make that design?

If so, email draft sketches to by 3rd January 2010.

A full list of phrases that the design should depict can also be requested by writing to

Only selected designers will be contacted for further discussion.


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Seems a little centralized, no? This isn't a "call for artwork" it's a job hunt for "one designer". They are essentially destroying what is beautiful about anti-capitalism, its diversity! Why does this one group (from vancouver) cast itself as the brander of the G8 resistance?