Caster Semenya sex row

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martin dufresne wrote:

Sineed: The upside to this revelation, though, is Caster will be more likely, I think, to get treatment for her condition than if she continued to live in obscurity in a SA village...


What makes you think she is sick or should be treated out of her intersex condition?


As for South African sports authorities, I wouldn't presume that they follow every female athlete that closely that they know if and when these women have their period. Also, I imagine that periods are sometimes disrupted by the athletes' regimen or stress.

If you read my links, there were questions about Caster for years.  And yeah; periods get disrupted by training.  But she would never have had a period.  At all.  Ever.  A girl would go to the doctor for that.

Didn't say anything about her being sick; however, undescended testicles inside the body are prone to develop cancer and need to either be removed or, um, properly descended.


I was just listening to CBC radio this morning (Metro Morning in Toronto), and the sports announcer called her "a hermaphrodite" at the beginning of the report.

At the end of the report, he said, "transgender".

I was just talking to my son about this on the weekend when he used the term "hermaphrodite" and I told him that the correct word is "intersex" and that "hermaphrodite" is considered offensive now.

But, you know, my son is 10, and doesn't have a whole staff of producers behind him.  You'd think the CBC would frigging well know better.


It seemed strange to me as well Michelle when I caught it on the 6 a.m. news, half-awake. I was left with the impression that they were reporting the term that was used by the IAAF, but I could be mistaken since I hadn't had any coffee yet.

Star Spangled C...

Me, I'm just sort of relieved it wasn't drugs like I had assumed...


Anyhow, this is a long thread, so I'm going to close it.  Continue in a new one if you'd like.


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