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CBC Radio Nerds (new thread)

The Age of Persuasion (Terry O'Reilly's program) returns today at 11:30 am (after Q). Smile


Missed it but love it; I was listening to a good episode of White Coat, Black Art as i was preparing supper on Saturday.


Céline Galipeau takes over as anchor of the main Radio-Canada news broadcast this evening.

Her mother is Vietnamese. Galipeau studied at Beir Zeit on the Palestinian West Bank, then the university of Amman in Jordan, and did her graduate studies at McGill. Galipeau has extensive experience as a foreign correspondent including conflict situations and has also reported on status of women issues.



I heard The Age of Persuasion this morning.  I love Terry O'Reilly too.

lagatta, when Céline Galipeau was a foreign correspondent -- in Europe and in Moscow and Beijing -- she used to cross-report on the French and English networks so many of us are familiar with her work.  How nice that she's the new anchor.  She's a good reporter and I always found her very appealing.

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Bernard Saint Laurent of [i]C'est la vie[/i] interviewed Céline Galipeau this past Sunday evening. His show is another keeper.

Glad to hear [i]The Age of Persuasion[/i] is back but I will miss [i]White Coat, Black Art[/i].

George Victor


I went through all of the above apprciative thoughts the last two days.

And I'm again listening to CDs produced from the 2004 Massey Lectures heard over Ideas.  (Ronald Wright, A Short History of Progress).


Hey, the CBC Nerdz thread, number 3, I believe is still alive in Media.

Then there was the elongated and very weird CBC Radio thread started by Frustrated Mess, which was closed for length recently.

For lack of time, I've only been able to get some evening programming. 

I like AofP, too.  But, after listening to many episodes, I think the show should drop the "advertising focus" a little and just do media stories in general, which is what the show is doing regardless.  The stories he spins are awesome listening. 

I think Ira Basen is with the show.  He's good.  I'm a fan.

I've only listened to one episode of White Coat.  And I can't remember it.  Good show?  Being cancelled? 

I'm curious to see what the Cons do with the budget re. The Ceeb.       


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Radio Two is in full media hype mode for the Obama coronation. They mention it all the time - it has become a major theme of their programming, and they are urging Canadians to suggest music to add to an Obama "playlist", for which they have created a [url=http://www.cbc.ca/radio2/obamasplaylist/]separate webpage.[/url]

"We're excited about the new President," rhapsodizes Denise Donlon, Executive Director of CBC Radio.

It's really disgusting manipulation.


Although I didn't mind the changes to the Radio 2 programming a couple of years ago, and I was all for updating and recognizing a younger audience, this latest remodeling (this past fall?) I find unpalatable. Tune in late afternoons (which used to be Disc Drive) and CBC FM is almost indistinguishable from commerical pop/rock radio stations, maybe a little more can con.

Don't understand this at all. I'm tuning in far, far less, and I'm worried, as some here have suggested, that the programming is deliberate, designed to wean the traditional CBC radio audience (many of whom have already been lost) for an eventual dissolution. Make it more like commercial radio and then argue that it is redundant and, moreover, "unfair" to its private competition - a market position it never occupied before and was never intended to occupy.