Celtic New Year

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Celtic New Year


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I'm way ahead of you Beltov. I snagged one of those pesky trick-or-treater kids tonight, carried her into the back yard, cut out her heart with a dull stone, and burnt the rest of her body on the barbeque while having a couple of pints of Guinness and listening to "The Commitments" soundtrack.


Interesting. I understood that the origins of Samhain were as the Celtic Reconstructionists had it, and although they attempt to be as faithfull to fact as possible, records are, well, scant.
[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celtic_Reconstructionist_Paganism]Seems reasonable enough, for a resurected religion.....[/url]

I have a ring with the triple spiral symbol, and when Rebecca West and I got serious, I bought one for her, too.

When we combine them in the moon light, they take on the look of two rings with a triple spiral symbol.

What, you were expecting magic? That would be silly.

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My coffee cup, which I bought in Breizh, has a triskell on it.

The coffee's usually pretty good, but not what I'd call magic though.


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The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology

silly (dial.) deserving of pity XV; †weakly; †simple, ignorant; feeble-minded, foolish XVI. Later form of seely (orig.) HAPPY, BLESSED:- OE. *sжliġ (as in unsж̄liġ unhappy, sж̄liġlīċe, adv.) and ġesж̄liġ, corr. to OS., OHG. sālig (Du. zalig, G. selig) :- WGmc. *sж̄līʒa, f. *sж̄liluck, happiness (OE. sж̄el), sb. f. Gmc. base repr. also by ON. sж̄ll happy, Goth. sēls good, and abstr. sb. OE. sж̄lō.

A Seely Samhain tide to all.


I'm listening to "the Spaceman" on CFMJ right now.


He just said that the Druids rule the world, and used our observance of the Druid New Year (Hallowe'en) as proof.

Apparently the marketing of Hallowe'en is a bust in France (even in [url=http://www.mkzdk.org/carnac/claw.html]Carnac[/url]!) this year. People there just aren't interested.


The moment seems to have passed, but I got a couple of complaints about the second post in the thread this morning. I know it was meant as a joke, but in future, let's think twice before posting graphic descriptions of killing little girls on babble, even as a joke, okay?


OK, but nobody'd better start a thread on Aztec Easter.


Oh M. Bong those special needs people, those who lack a sense of humour.

Have you counted how many Bongettes you have left? Some of those costumes.........