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Caissa wrote:

Un-fucking believable trading Halak to the Blues. Price should have been moved. Habs magement continues to be incompetent.

I think Halak is a good goalie who was made even better by good defensive play. He will likely save many games for the Blues.

 But everything about Price says he is a young man starting out in his career somewhat like Roberto Luongo did. He's got a large frame and covers the net well when he wants to. I think Price is a good bet. Habs will make another cup run when Price comes of age and a tweak here or there. Subban looks good so far and a young Tinordi in the skunkworks. Future looks bright.


Bob Probert dead at 45 of suspected heart attack.


How is this even possible?  NHL tough guy Bob Probert dies at age 45.


"Probert was a guy respected throughout the league," said former Leaf captain Wendel Clark, who had his run-ins with Probert through parallel careers. "It was how he played. The great thing about Bob is how he played, he improved his game. He became more than just a fighter. He scored. He played a regular shift. He did a lot of things.

"He was tough guy who played smart hockey."

The Leafs and Wings were in same division for a time - the Norris Division, nicknamed the Chuck Norris Division - largely because of the exploits of Probert and Clark and others.

"In the old Chuck Norris days we had a lot of run-ins," said Clark. "We played a lot of games against each other, Friday-Saturday home and home. It was very heated in the old days. There were a lot of good battles and a great rivalry."



So sad. I saw Bob Probert as a junior, and he was no one-trick pony. He was a tough, talented guy who happened to be an enforcer. My heart always went out to him, even during the years when he seemed hell-bent on enjoying Uncle Sam's hospitality. Even his defence lawyer seemed mystified by his self-destructive behaviour. I remember him throwing Probert on the mercy of the court by saying, "My client is a birdbrain."

So it was wonderful to see him looking strong and well during Battle of the Blades last year, kidding around and looking at once rock-hard and vulnerable. I hope he achieved some measure of serenity at the end, and if there's any consolation to be found in this story, it's that his last hours were a beautiful summer day spent with his family. RIP.


Buds' Kadri pounding it out


Training camp is still more than two months away, but the heavy lifting has already begun in Nazem Kadri's bid to become a Maple Leaf.


I wonder what chances there are of Kadri being "renditioned" to Syria on his first road trip to play the Capitals.



Let him win at hockey, just so long as he loses at politics.

Coach Harper claims the win Laughing




I asked my neighbour at work what he thinks about the upcoming hockey season, both NHL and his own playing, and he told me his oldtimers team might need some new players, and I could probably sign up. 

I'll qualify agewise in about a month, but there are a couple of snags.  One is that they have ice time at decent hours, but that's when my kids play.  The other is that they wear these red, white and blue uniforms with a big CH (it means "centre hice", nothing more...) crest on the front of the sweater.

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