documentary, activisim with spirit and velcro ripper

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documentary, activisim with spirit and velcro ripper

I heard about his film 'fierce light' in a few different circles. Watched it last night.  (nfb toronto is playing it for free on march 2nd @4pm)

Follows a few different stories of community activism.  As a movie it's meant to inspire people to fight for what's right. What I liked about it was that it was evidently made over a long period of time. This wasn't shot on a 6 week schedule, it was part of his life for number of years.  It that sort of sense of seeing something that a film maker is living rather than something a filmmaker peeked into for a little while that made an impression for me.

Perhaps it's just my background in media, as the friend I watched it with took something equally personal away, but what I saw more than the story of different activists was the story of this person making a film.  It inspired me with a desire to make a film more than it inspired me to march in protest.