A hockey curiosity (Canada vs US)

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A hockey curiosity (Canada vs US)

From the New York Times: "According to sales figures from stick manufacturers, a majority of Canadian hockey players shoot left-handed, and a majority of American players shoot right-handed. No reason is known for this disparity, which cuts across all age groups and has persisted for decades." Hmmm.


Well according to [url=http://www.web-us.com/BRAIN/braindominance.htm]this test[/url] I use both hemispheres of my brain. I answered seven questions from a right-brained point of view and eleven as a left-brained person. I hold a hockey stick left-handed but swing a baseball bat and golf putter right-handed. I can use chopsticks only with right hand but can use knife and fork in either. So what I wanna know is,  does this mean I'll be promoted to the next level?


Interesting. I am right handed. I shoot left in hockey, bat left in baseball and putt left in mini-golf.


the Canada-US difference is probably some kind of statistical artifact, a variation that is not really significant,

 if you broke down, say, different regions of the US as to how young pitchers throw the ball or kickers punt or something, there might well be similar oddities and variations between righties and lefties, both arm and leg ....