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I've  told all the teachers I know that I will not support any increase in their wages, benifits and working conditions until the Leafs win the cup.

And, they think I'm joking.

I'm sure we can add a Hamilton franchise to that demand.


Tommy_Paine wrote:
Hamilton doesn't have a franchise because the Leafs have been-- contrary to business laws (but who really acknowledges them, eh Drabinsky?)  vetoeing every attempt that Hamilton has made.

So, don't hate Gary Bettman

That's okay, I already didnt like the Leafs very much. If they washed their bleu et blanc sweaters in this stuff, they could have really nice chandails.



Seek help Fidel.

So, if they were on the same team, who would be a dream linemate for Dany Heatley and Patrick Kane?



According to statements by the police and by Radecki, the dispute began after Radecki picked up the Kanes in a downtown Buffalo nightclub district around 4 a.m. and prepared to drop them in a residential neighborhood near Canisius College. In an account in The Chicago Tribune, Radecki said that he did not have 20 cents in change for the $13.80 fare, and an argument ensued and the Kanes tried to take back the fare.

Radecki said that James M. Kane "sucker-punched" him and that Patrick Kane "kept pounding and pounding" him in the head. A witness called the police.


That must have been the first hit Kane's thrown in two years.


Scott Walker? I'm not crazy about Kane very much at all right now. What a goon!  He coulda been a street thug had he never learnt to skate. But that's what theyve always tended to and recruited for in the NHL, in't it? A mean streak that is. I think he's out of the running for Lady Byng

Paul Henry Dallaire

Right over their heads Hee Haw


Closing this for length, Oi Oi Oi!


'twer it a civilized sport like baseball, I would have let it go to 110 posts.    



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