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New series from HBO.  About a guy down on his luck, and the woman who pimps him out.  Two episodes so far.  Interesting and often funny.  And not as salacious as you would expect.

"Who knew that when HBO announced it was green-lighting a series called "Hung" about, let's see, a well-endowed man, it would end up being kind of endearing?

It's also funny, which is good since "Hung" is a comedy. And it's unexpectedly sweet and has depth, which goes well beyond the meretricious inclinations you might expect from the title.

Created by Dmitry Lipkin ("The Riches") and his wife and writing partner, Colette Burson, "Hung" is part sad-sack drama, part sociological study of a decaying American city (Detroit) and, well, partly about a man with a large penis."



Huh.  Sounds interesting.  So you've watched it then?



Star Spangled C...

I caught the first two episodes. Not bad but not great either, in my opinion. I'll keep giving it a chance for a while./