I saw the Broadway musical "Spring Awakening" last week.

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I saw the Broadway musical "Spring Awakening" last week.

It came to town last week, been on tour for a couple years after having won the Tony Award for best musical in 2007.

Was quite good, based on an 1891 German play by Frank Wedekind, it's been modified somewhat (no rape scene) but still based on teenage sexual angst in 1891 Germany. Actually the original play was banned in Germany for the above and other reasons.

It is quite a fun play and I recommend it. It starts off with a teenage girl asking her mother where babies come from, and following a fight the mother says babies happen when a husband loves his wife. There are a few teenage girls in the play and it was a bit confusing because they're all white with long hair and about average height, so from where I was sitting with my old glasses that need to be replaced I had a bit trouble telling them apart. The male actors looked very different from one another and I didn't have that problem. There's a parallel story with the teenage boys in town (stories converge over time), one of them knows about such things, and questions religion, and starts "corrupting" the other boys. He gets a lot of blame when people find out some of what he's been up to.

Another part which was interesting was the music... it's set in 1981 Germany but they followed ~2000ish pop and rock style music, and a lot of colourful lights would turn on when they sang, a fun contrast and I think the directors were trying to tell us that these 1891 Germany problems are still around today.


Ah very cool! We're heading to NYC in May, and the better half wants to take me to a broadway play for my birthday. Thanks for the recommendation!