Man jailed for stealing pages from rare book

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Man jailed for stealing pages from rare book

Not quite sure if this is the right place for this story, but here goes:


A businessman was jailed for two years today after admitting stealing pages
from rare and priceless books at two historic libraries.

Wealthy Farhad Hakimzadeh cut leaves out of works at the British and Bodleian
libraries and inserted the pages into his own copies of the same books, Wood
Green Crown Court heard.

Police found the altered editions along with several loose pages in the large
library at his home in Knightsbridge, central London.

British Library staff believe he smuggled a scalpel into the building and
positioned himself out of the sight of security cameras to commit his

Experts found that around 150 books which he had accessed had been defaced.

Head of collections at the British Library Dr Kristian Jensen said: "Obviously
I'm angry because this is somebody extremely rich who has damaged something
which belongs to everybody, completely selfishly destroyed something for his
own personal benefit which this nation has invested in over generations.




I thought this was going to a story about Robert Langdon stealing documents from the Vatican Library Archives in Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons". Laughing