Margaret Atwood Accepts Israel's Dirty Prize Money - Shame!

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Why make this an abstract argument about a non-existent boycott of Canada? Are you uncomfortable dealing with the reality of the BDS campaign with the overwhelming support of Palestinian civil society and organizations?

Is the AFN calling for a boycott of Canada?

Cheese. Swiss cheese. Full of holes. lots of air.


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Machjo wrote:

Cueball wrote:

And as I pointed out there is an international boycott of Israel. Obviously, Atwood does not support it. End of story.


There's an international boycott of China too, yet if the opportunity arose to go and visit my friends again in a few years time, I won't boycott them to spite their government. I couldn't care less about any anti-Chinese boycott unless it's on the part of the UN. Keep politics out of personal lives and do not politicize culture.

In this case I draw a direct parallel from my own personal experiences abroad with what Atwood is doing. She's essentially saying she will not insult a people and culture to spite a government. Never the twain should meet.

I presume you are not going to China to accept large sums of money, and be part of events attended by important Chinese political figures who will be using you to enhance their legitimacy on the international stage.


There SHOULD be a boycott of Canada  - but it won't likely be called by the AFN:

This was of course protested and this 'Grand' Chief who Canada paid more than the Prime Minister, has gone on to the Royal Bank. But truly our settler state Canada has succeeded with its indigenous genocide and colonialist occupation in ways Israel can only dream of and there IS linkage between their settler state and ours. As there is linkage between the indigenous resistances as well. Please DO support both and realize that here YOU are the usurper, the settler and the occupier. Yes decolonize here too asap.

And F**K Maggie Atwood who attempts to prove herself right no matter how wrong and her dirty Zionist blood money! Because despite her awful sellout..

Palestine's Popular Resistance Continues

(BILIN, West Bank) - "A poll reveals that a majority of Israelis are willing to ban human rights organizations in the 'Jewish state'. A bill introduced in the Knesset would outlaw an Israeli human rights organization which exposes Israeli war crimes..."

serious thread drift


Canada is far from perfect, but at least we say "First Nations" here.  The existence of pre-colonial Palestinians is grudgingly accepted by Zionists, if at all.  Recall Golda Meir's "there is no such thing as a Palestinian," and the Zionist myth that Jews came to a "land without people."

Now there's fiction that Margaret Atwood could learn from.


Open Letter to Margaret Atwood: Reject Tel Aviv University Prize

"...such artists must be prepared to face the suspicions that their own career interests have blinded them into sublimating the iniquity of their own role when they thus deny the victim's will. This denial adds an unpalatable note of self-pity to your attempted appropriation for yourself of the role of victim ('no matter what I do, some people are going to disagree..') as you accept that lucrative Prize.."


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Keep politics out of personal lives and do not politicize culture. one can wave a magic wand and say poof, there will be no politics there. if there is a human activity that does not have a political dimension to it i wouldn't mind hearing about it. politics is what humans breathing.