Margaret Atwood Accepts Israel's Dirty Prize Money -Still Shameful!

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bagkitty wrote:

The point, Unionist, is to toilet train them, rather than running after them to change them...Wink

Agreed - but spanking is no longer recommended in toilet training. Tongue out

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Henning Mankell wrote:
Demolishing a system of apartheid takes time. But not an eternity.

Hey Zionists! Sooner or later, your racist regime is toast. It's a matter of time. How does it feel?


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Atwood could take a lesson from those giving back their Pryde awards.


A Prominent British Professor Turns Down Israeli Prize

"A prominent British academic and historian has refused to accept a $330,000 prize by an Israeli university. Professor Catherine Hall of University College London was slated to receive the Dan David prize by Tel Aviv University on Sunday, but withdrew her acceptance citing political reasons.

The annual academic award includes a series of $1 million prizes which are handed out in three fields. The British Committee for the Universities of Palestine described Hall's decision as 'a signficant endorsement of the campaign to end ties with Israeli institutions."

Canadians Margaret Atwood and Atom Egoyan both accepted the prize and took the money.