"Most in BC don't understand Facebook" - true or false?

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"Most in BC don't understand Facebook" - true or false?

I was rather shocked to read [url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20090421.wbcelectionm... claim[/color][/url] in the media:

"Most British Columbians don't understand Facebook as a social networking tool. I come from a different generation and I don't fully understand Facebook. What I learned in the last 24 hours is that you can have more than one level of access," said Mr. Fox, who is 52.

Is Mr. Fox correct - or is he just out of touch?



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I had to move to BC in order to start using Facebook. I needed to keep in touch with my Manitoba friends. Does that count as bringing my expertise with me? Ha ha.

Anyway, It's easy to make a mistake on Facebook. Some jerkoff, whose name is vaguely familliar, asks to be your friend. You say, "Yes", tentatively. And, down the road, you cut them off from being a Facebook friend. But perhaps the damage is done, and, if they were once your Facebook friend, they may still have access to all sorts of things on your profile that you would rather they didn't have access to. Or, on the other hand, you post some photos and forget to apply your usual rigorous standards of access. It's easy to make a mistake like that. Real easy.


I agree with that, N.Beltov. The format makes it easy not to be careful.

But in some ways, I find that refreshing. People don't share enough information in our culture. You spend much of your time wondering whether it's rude to ask questions, even of people you may run into every day, like: "What kind of job do you do? How much do you earn? Do you believe in God? What do you think of what happened in Gaza? Do you like me? Are you straight or gay?"

Those are only examples, and I'm not suggesting we put them on an equal plane. Nor do I want to underestimate the need for personal privacy. But maybe our society could tolerate a little more exhibitionism.

All except the Mr. Foxes of this world, that is.


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A recent study - shall try to find the link - indicated it wasn't so much young people who use Facebook, as people in their middle years. I use it, but haven't found it all that interesting or useful. It's nothing compared to Twitter. Got an account there a few months ago and only recently really started using. Of course, I'm in campaign mode now (working for the BC-STV team) so I'm all a-twitter trying to get word out to fellow volunteers and pro-reformers. Am finding that, for purposes like that, Twitter is a fantastic tool. Haven't a phone or mobile device; am simply using it to pass info on to the troops.

Re Facebook, I suppose if one had a lot of friends, it might be different but I tend to be a loner. The 'Friends' I've got on Facebook are acquaintances of acquaintances of acquaintances ... of friends.



People have sent me invitations to Facebook (at least I think it was Facebook - they want me to be their "Facebook Friend" or something), but when I link to the site to sign up, there seems to be too much mumbo jumbo to get through, so I just  move on.


I still don't know what Twitter is.


I understand that its not my kinda thing.