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Are there any other musicians on this forum? If so, what do you play? What kind of music do you like to play best?

I myself play bass, guitar, and bodhran


I play guitar badly and sing not-too-badly. :)  Used to play piano, but haven't had one in so long that the last time I sat down at one (a few months ago) I realized just how NOT like riding a bike it is.  Used to play trombone during my teens, and play around on other instruments (like the euphonium, drum corps baritone horns, and a marching xylophone) too.  I also read music pretty well and can sight-read while singing, although I'm not as good as I used to be at that either.

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Yeah, I know what you mean, Michelle. Even for the short times that I go away and can't bring my instruments, I come back and feel that I've forgotten them entirely. I used to play trombone and euphonium too(as well as a little trumpet) :D I regret that I gave them up though. I wish I had stuck with it.

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I am a phenomenal singer. I mean outstanding. I'm not sure there is a word in the English language for how good I am. If I were French, they'd call me excellent.

Pretty lousy at all the instruments I've tried. And I've tried a lot. Piano, guitar, trumpet, cello: all decidedly average. However, both of my sisters are professional musicians. One is a classical cellist and the other plays and sings for a popular Canadian indie/folk band.

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Very cool. What band? If you don't mind my asking. Perhaps I've heard of them

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And modest, never forget that Catchfire. By the way, the monotone section sends its greetings and wonders when we will be allowed back into the choir.

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Hey Red_and_Black...Like you I play the guitar and the bass...Started on the guitar when I was 12 and got into the bass a little later on when a girl I know was given one by some dude and she had given it up.

Funny thing is,that it was a 1967 Gibson..Lol.

I love music.

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..i enjoy hand drums and go to drum circles when i can. these days i can be found busking on the streets with a balafon.


Guitar, Drums and Turntables!  Played in many bands and travelled around for awhile...played in oneofthesedays, the down and out, soccer, flesh auger....also played a few shows for winnipeg's (and as far as i know the only) palestinian themed hardcore band back in the late 90's called intifadah...

been doing more dj'ing as of late...


Actually, my first encounter with radical politics was through music, listening to local bands Propagandhi and I spy!!


good to see the other musicians on here.  we could have some great music themed debates!

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milo204 wrote:

good to see the other musicians on here.  we could have some great music themed debates!

I think that's a great idea....I also think we could name the best songs or albums with a political theme or message.

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Sounds like a great idea!


start it up!!! 


On the guitar, I'm really good at figuring out chords to songs because of my musical background.  My problem is that I'm not as technically proficient with my fingers as I am with my ears!

radiorahim plays the guitar.  Because he can do bar chords (which I can't) and is more technically proficient than I am and also has some musical training, he's good at both playing and figuring out chords.  I'm a bit better than him at figuring out chords, but he's better than I am at playing them, and also at being able to play in almost any key because of the bar chords.  I'm probably a better singer than he is (although he's not bad) but he knows a lot more songs than I do.  So it all evens out. :)

We haven't jammed in a while, but it's one of the fun things we like to do to while away a Friday or Saturday night at home.


Banjo Tongue out (I know, I know....)

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Michelle, if you want to play in other keys without having to use bar chords, consider investing in a capo.

And RosaL, nothing wrong with a little banjo Wink



I sing.


Very badly.  But it don't stop me all the same.



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I sing lousy too, too, but good enough to have been a backup singer with a CCR covers band, in addition to being their roadie, decades ago. Both my older brothers are very musically talented, I stuck with small bongo and big conga drums. I have arthritis in my hands now, unsure if I could ever pound a beat again.

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Haven't really played in at least 10 years, but I when I was living in Nova Scotia (over 20 years ago now) I played mostly guitar, with some fiddle, mandolin, banjo, tin whistle, and a few other ... had the chance to gig with a lot of good Maritime talent .. Rita, some of the Rankins, the Barra McNeil's (all before they broke out nationally) along with some not so nationally famous musicians, but wonderful musicians all the same.


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A few years ago I had big tendon problems in my right had so I banged drums and strummed guitars less and played my computer. I made this entirely from computer sound generators and one sample of a recording of a log falling in a forest near banff.  I think I've posted some other type of music in other threads already.


Saw bela fleck playing bango this past weekend...sooo beautiful.


Fun thread! I don't play any instruments myself, but my better half is in a band and has a love for many, many instruments, so our apartment is scattered with them. Though I can't play myself, I can't help but share in his excitement when a new autoharp (or whatever else he's ordered online on any given week) arrives!


I play guitar and sing.  I can't play as much anymore because my hands start to freeze up now after a few songs. I play blues, swing and protest songs but have the most fun playing along in jams around a fire pit.

The largest crowd I have played and sang for was a full house at the Centennial Centre in Saskatoon.  Myself along with a bass player and lead guitarist were one of many acts in a review but we got a very positive response.  I like playing at events that feature a number of performers doing three songs or so.  The musicians parties after those kinds of coffee houses are the best.  

Papal Bull

Long ago I once played the baritone (before my constant bringing it out on the bus reduced me to the boring clarinet). I wasn't allowed to join school band and stopped taking piano lessons at a neighbour's and all of that. When I was in grade 12 I picked up the banjo, and I got okay with it. I can't pick one up and shred me a Flatts and Scruggs, but I can remember how to hold it Wink


When I'm less poor I intend to buy a cheapy guitar, but that does not seem to be acomin' any time soon. However, I used to be in my grade school's barbershop group. I can still belt out 'Mary-Lou', 'Jada', or 'Under the Boardwalk' like a champ!


My once angelic voice has been ruined by years of smoking and my singing has been described as 'a mutilation of the English voice' as well as 'Tom Waits with helium'. Needless to say, if you want to have a pretty singing voice...don't practise death metal vocals for the better part of a decade.


RosaL wrote:

Banjo Tongue out (I know, I know....)


Keen!  Who do you like better, Dock Boggs or Harry Reser?  Didja know that Django Reinhardt started out as a banjo player...or at least that his first recordings were as a banjoiste?

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evidentally there's a lot of talent around here. c'mon babble entertain me already!  Let us here ya make some noise!