In praise of the grape

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In praise of the grape

From the AgEcon site (University of Minnesota, Research in Agricultural & Applied Economics) comes a gem of a research paper "DO MORE EXPENSIVE WINES TASTE BETTER? EVIDENCE FROM A LARGE SAMPLE OF BLIND TASTINGS"

The abstract is quoted immediately below:

Individuals who are unaware of the price do not derive more enjoyment
from more expensive wine. In a sample of more than 6,000 blind
tastings, we find that the correlation between price and overall rating
is small and negative, suggesting that individuals on average enjoy
more expensive wines slightly less. For individuals with wine training,
however, we find indications of a positive relationship between price
and enjoyment. Our results are robust to the inclusion of individual
fixed effects, and are not driven by outliers: when omitting the top
and bottom deciles of the price distribution, our qualitative results
are strengthened, and the statistical significance is improved further.
Our results indicate that both the prices of wines and wine
recommendations by experts may be poor guides for non-expert wine

Please feel free to join in with recommendations of your personal favourites.

I will start off by
recommending both the Merlot and the Cabernet Sauvignon from Nk'mip
Cellars (Okanagan, B.C.) which range from about 18-30 dollars.

And now if you will excuse me, their are a number of wine snobs that I am acquainted with to whom I simply must forward this to.Laughing

martin dufresne

Doesn't this tell us more about Minnesotans than about wine?Tongue out



Alas here I tend to drink more cheapish plonk than anything else (though I don't mean Château Dépanneur).

I love it when I travel (for work, research etc) and can actually afford a couple of bottles of decent wine.

Also alas, we get very little good BC wine here, and not even much decent Ontario wine. Last one I had was a good dry Gewürtztraminer from Château des Charmes.

I do wonder why I can't see the emoticons, to post them. I can view those posted by others...

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(cause I was hoping someone would have some reds that are reasonably priced they could recommend)


(either that or some people don't like seeing hockey referred to as "culture")


There's a decent cheap red from a vinyard near Ortona, called "Farnese," that I'd recommend.


That is very interesting, especially if we decide to do a "D-Day Dodgers theme".

By the way, at least here in Québec and I suspect other Canadian destinations, a great many Italian immigrants came from the Central-Southern areas not far from Ortona and other places the Dodgers were playing truant in "sunny Italy".

And why on earth wouldn't hockey be culture? It is a huge component of the culture here - in the sense of people decorating themselves, their cars, trucks and bicycles, their homes and businesses, with Canadiens regalia. Once I was riding through a pleasant back alley and saw a guy lovingly painting each of the Stanley Cups la Sainte Flanelle had won on his van after a Cup win.

On the subject of hockey and Italian immigrants, in another alley, one full of tiny Italian vegetable plots, saw a bunch of broken hockey sticks take on a new live, staking tomato plants.


I use hockey sticks, with holes drilled in them to accomodate twine, to stake my peas.


I use cages for my multitudes of Roma tomatoes, some of which I just peeled for soup ten minutes ago.

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Red Truck - the wine that is.  California I think, reasonable price, I like it.