Regent Park Film Festival 2008

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Regent Park Film Festival 2008


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The Regent Park Film Festival runs from Nov 5 to 8, 2008.


People get ready for an electrifying event!!! "Community Cinema from Distant Lands" is our overriding theme for this year's festival. Our international selection of films reflects the beautiful diversity and richness that we find in Regent Park, our community. As someone who has been going to film festivals since I was a child, for me the most meaningful part of the experience is meeting filmmakers from far away countries. The personal exchanges are always profound, educational and inspiring, with close ever-lasting friendships being formed in a matter of days.

Regent Park Film Festival has worked very hard to sponsor filmmakers from around the world to attend our festival: Mathare, the largest slums of Kenya, a war zone in Afghanistan, Burundi and the First Nations village of Bella Coola, in Northern British Colombia are all represented. I hope you will join us in welcoming these talented emerging filmmakers and take the time to discover their stories and share yours with them.

440 Shuter Street


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