Salaam/Peace Iftar: Aug 28: Toronto

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Salaam/Peace Iftar: Aug 28: Toronto

Maybe I will see other babblers at this event.

The Ramadan Break-Fast Dinner (Iftar) has been an annual event on the Toronto cultural map since 2003.

A unique event originally hosted by Salaam: Queer Muslim Community , this year it is now also hosted with Canadian Muslim Union, Africans in Partnership against AIDS (APAA) & HUMAN+, and Downtown 'el-Tawhid' Juma Circle.

It is endorsed by:

MPV (Muslims for Progressive Values), MAP [Muslim AIDS Project], and Du'a; Queer Muslim Connection (Hamilton).

The Iftar will be held in the auditorium at the Steelworkers´Hall, in Toronto, Canada.

It is open to ALL regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, class, or disability* or other status.

Participants are encouraged [but not required] to join in fasting on that day.

Break-fast time for August 28 is 8:04 PM. We will begin with the Call to Prayer @ 8:04, followed by appetizers, and introductions of various groups and individuals, including the host organizations.

Anyone is invited to join in communal prayer regardless of religion, faith, or creed. However, participation is not mandatory.

This year we are fortunate to have Pamela K. Taylor (Co-Founder of Muslims for Progressive Values and the first Muslim Woman to lead mixed gender prayers in a Mosque) who will lead the Maghrib prayer.

After the prayer, a meal will be served. This year's menu will be African cuisine.

Participants are encouraged to mingle and socialize with old friends and make new ones.

In celebrating and sharing Muslim traditions and cultures, this year attendees will be treated to a number of singers, musicians, performers and spoken word artists.

Cost is 'pay what you can' with a recommended donation of $10 - 20 per person to help defray costs. You can also pay online by clicking on 'Donate' or clicking on 'Peace Iftar' donation page.

Even if you're not attending & would like to donate, we would appreciate your generosity.

Participants may also bring a non-alcoholic beverage and/or dessert.

Please note: Space is Limited and the food is catered. 

rsvp to: [email protected]


Friday, August 28, 2009

7:20pm - 10:20pm
Steelworkers´ Hall 25 Cecil Street
Toronto, ON


We need VOLUNTEERS for August 28. Please contact Asad Rahman on Fb or at [email protected]

Salaam and CMU both work against gender apartheid, and advocate for the full participation of women in all aspects of Muslim sacred space. Both women and men have led the Maghrib communal prayer at past Iftars.

Canadian Muslim Union 

HUMAN+: Exploring the intersectionalities that make us HUMAN. The '+' makes us 'human positive. Facebook page here.

Downtown 'el-Tawhid' Juma Circle facebook page here 

All the groups also have FB groups. Please check them out!!

* NOTE: The building is accessible to wheelchairs.