Songs that make you go, huh?

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rowena flowers
Songs that make you go, huh?

Hi there! I'm new babbler and in a search for new music stumbled across What Are You Listening To. My playlist has been rejuvenated...thanks!

On a related topic, I've been thinking about music that influences generations. I was introduced to a song called Internationale at a play this week which had audience members over the age of 50 up on their feet singing along...a young filly, a couple decades their junior, I was woefully naive...had no idea what the song was! It got me thinking...I can't think of a song that would get me up on my feet singing with that kind of passion...

A little sad but...I did recently hear an amazing anthem-like rock song by a Vancouver band called 'Portico' about the Battle of Duck Lake that has been buzzing around in my brain...apparently the band has plans to release more songs highlighting forgotten moments in Canadian history.

You can listen here: (make sure to turn off the player at the top of the page first)

The Battle of Duck Lake - Portico

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