They never do air shows like this!

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They never do air shows like this!

Perhaps they should.

Papal Bull

I like air shows...


I like seeing the old aircraft from WWII.  I don't much care for the rest of it.


A few years ago we were out at the garden allotment, which is adjacent to the airport, during an air show.  An F-16 flew past, which caused Mme. Qabong to start crying.  She said she was thinking about the family members of our Afghani friends who still lived in Afghanistan, and the suffering that they might be enduring because of machines such as these.


I remember being in Ottawa on june 6 1994 when they had a mock air raid on parl hill. The lancaster from the war plane heritage museum in Hamilton flew over the market and then to the hill. they had search lights set up etc. i remember the noise of 1 lancaster flying overhead. i can only imagine what the noise from the grand raids of ww2 was like.




I get conflicted on air shows.  I really don't like all the militaristic aspects to them and how they are promoting militarism to children (they are billed as family events), but I do like checking out cool aircraft and some of the cutting edge technology and such.  And the big piston engines in the old WW2 planes (sorry, environment).  Unfortunately, most of the cutting edge technology and the cool-looking things which kids see is in military rather than civil aviation.  But, I haven't been to an airshow in a while.

Maybe they should do an airshow like this...

You know what else I think would be cool?  A zero-emissions NASCAR.


That's how I feel too. The technology (and history of technology) on display is very impressive, but one has to remember what it's all for.