Upcoming Chris Morris film to tackle terrorism

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Upcoming Chris Morris film to tackle terrorism

He has persuaded MPs to campaign to keep the fictitious drug "cake"
off the streets, and musician Phil Collins to warn children against
paedophiles while wearing a "Nonce Sense" T-shirt. Now the satirist
Chris Morris is tackling his most controversial topic yet: wannabe
suicide bombers.

film, which has the working title Four Lions, explores the "farce" of
terrorism and is funded by FilmFour. It goes into production this
summer, after a year of delays caused by funding difficulties over
fears that it was too contentious, and is expected to be in cinemas by
the end of the year. The production company Warp Films said the film,
which Morris spent three years researching, "understands how terrorism
relates to testosterone. It understands jihadis as human beings. And it
understands human beings as innately ridiculous."

From the Independent. Let's hope he hasn't lost his edge; Brass Eye was hilarious (though often in an uncomfortable sort of way).