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I was at the Vancouver Folk festival this weekend  which, while maybe not with the lineup of Newport, can't be beat for venue. They had the mountains, ocean, beach and sun flown in special.

So, I've been listening to my bootlegged pre-release of Basia Bulat's new album, Rock Plaza Central's At the Moment of our Most Needing: or, If They Could Only Turn Around They Would Know They Weren't Alone (2009) and, currently, the Great Lake Swimmers' Lost Channels (2009) ('I'm still mining for light in the dark wells: I'm still, I'm still'.)

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Camoflauge Ft. Mayhem Morearty - We Lurkin


this tracc is gully lol

Papal Bull
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Dead Prez - Sellin D.O.P.E (Drugs Opress People Everyday)


dammm they know lol

Papal Bull

I'm a big fan of party rock, I don't know why, but I love rock n roll I can dance to - given that my dance moves consist of "awkward shuffle left" and "awkward shuffle right" and the "raging unicorn" - so, the other day I was listening to my ol Death From Above 1979 album. I looked up the lyrics and stumbled onto this Brazilian band called CSS (an acronym that stands for Tired of Being Sexy) and their sort of tribute track to the now defunct t.dot rockers DFA1979


Cansei de Ser Sexy - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above



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Long thread.


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