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La Cumbia Peruana:

1980s: Pintura Roja - La Ciega / Tus Ojitos
The singer of the first song, Munequita Sally, died in 2007. The second singer, Princesita Mili, gave up the group and now sings Christian Music.
Chacalon - Viento
1990s: Grupo Nectar - Pecadora
Armonia 10 - Veneno Para Olvidar Olas Marinas - Para Ti Madrecita

Papal Bull

This Bike is a Pipe Bomb - The Preacher and the Slave




Michelle wrote:

Right this moment: Blame it on the boogie

Earworm all day: Nelly Furtado's Maneater (no, not the Hall and Oates one)

Antidote to Nelly earworm: Exotic Sugar


Yey!! I so love you Michelle! Bobby Dreadful and Exotic Sugar baby!

What a kick ass song. Love love love Bobby Dreadful.


Still the constant #*&^%# harp music.  I was hoping for better when Frank Zappa got here, but I think he's waiting for Captain Beefheart to join him, then they'll really start cookin'! Cool

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I saw Zappa and Beefheart at the same concert in Ottawa around 1968, maybe a bit later.


Did they do "Muffin Man?"

I know people who turn up their nose at Zappa and say they prefer Beefheart, because Zappa's too [strictly?] commercial.

I never saw Frank, but did manage to see Dweezil last summer, and had a blast singing along with Inca Roads and Montana.  It was a little disconcerting to see all those old fat guys in the audience, though.

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They did all the stuff they're known for - up to that point in time. Was a long time ago, can't remember which songs they did.


ETA: Let's continue here Smile


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