Who is watching this seasons Survivor Samoa, or will admit to it at any rate?

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Who is watching this seasons Survivor Samoa, or will admit to it at any rate?

The reason why I ask, is that I watched it on Thursday, with fascinated horror, disbelief and amazement and am going to continue to watch it, as I want to see how long it takes the Survivors to see what is going on, or if indeed they ever do.

You see,  there is the guy, named Russell, who is a oil company owner, and he is using a scorched earth strategy upon his own team mates, and the end result was they lost their first immunity challenge, after winning the reward challenge handily. He is also a sexist pig.

What he did was wait until they were all sleeping, and he went around and emptied all of their canteens, and burnt their socks that were laying about to dry. Thus they went into the competition with no water, and some without socks which was causing them blisters.

Now one wonders why he would want to sabatoge his team mates and from what I can gather, is that he wants to be the one controlling all things, no matter what the results are for his tribe. Though he told himself that he was just going to get rid of the weakest links right away.  It is all about his wee ego.

Also, he never told them he was a oilman, he stated he was a New Orleans firefighter, who got stuck in his house and lost is dog in Katrina.

This season has 4 lawyers, 1 Dr and a rocket scientist, so one would think someone should catch onto his actions, being they are supposed to have the intellect to do so. ;)

And if all oil men think and act like him, it is no wonder the earth is in the state that it is, and it will remain so, as  Russell is quite evidently a sociopath.

It is a real eye opener into how "evil" some people are.


You sure it's not Dick Cheney or George W wearing a fake nose? 

I'm not a regular Survivor watcher, but I do tune in periodically when in surf mode. I'll try to check it out as long as it's not the same time as Heroes :) 

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I am not either, but decided to watch it when surfing. Now am hooked on the psychology, sociology of it all, in this season's goings on.

Bleck upon Heroes! ;)

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 Okay I'll admit it. I watched it.  Remind I pretty much had the same reaction to that guy. Even for survivor he is something else.   It was pretty unbelievable. Even though I know he was chosen because he was like this and would cause trouble for entertainment purposes I wonder the same thing. How long will it take all the others to figure it out and also how long will it take the editors of the show to actually show people starting to figure it out.  I found it really hard to believe that no one in that group had at least a little suspicion that something weird happened to all of their water. Someone could have but that doesn't mean that they'll show it.   I could totally see how they're setting up the 'plot' around this guy.   I could just imagine the producers of the show cackling at their luck when they discovered him.

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Uh oh Remind. You're a goner now.  :D   I got hooked on last seasons survivor for the very same reasons as soon as 'Coach' started on with his 'I am a warrior. white dragon and wizards, escaped from natives down a river in the Amazon, pseudo asian/native amercian philosphy, let's play the game differently' schtick.   It was just fascinating for so many reasons. 

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yep, I agree eliza, the producers must have been full of glee. It got the hook into me at any rate.

And wth is with Jeff pulling a Survivor out of next week's challenge, in such an angry manner? I have never seen that before on Survivor either, though admittedly I am not a regular watcher so it could have happened before.

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Oh, I maybe watched last seasons' a couple times if that, though I remember the coach character, but that is about it. :D


Well, in spite of everything (I'll spare you my critique), I'll watch it now! 

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Q: Who is watching this seasons Survivor Samoa, or will admit to it at any rate?


A: No, but I will admit to watching food shows Hell's Kitchen and Chopped, amongst others. I love food shows. Embarassed

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LOL Rosa, also Russell viciously got rid of the one woman who was calling him out, and he pretty much intimidated all the rest of his tribe while doing it. Another woman, the older one of course, ;) also does not  believe him, but she kept her mouth shut, for the most part.

So one really wonders how long they will put up him, or will be they be so intimidated that they keep him? One thing for sure is, he wants all the "stupid" women gone.

I am willing to bet he stays until at least the merge.

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So boom boom you won't admit to it, or you are not watching it? ;)


remind wrote:

 Another woman, the older one of course, ;) also does not  believe him, but she kept her mouth shut, for the most part.

The cop. He'll probably try to get rid of her next.

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Oh wow, did not know she was a cop, and I bet he will.

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I never watch it. Reality shows (except food cooking shows) don't turn me on.

ETA: is Cash Cab on the Discovery Network a reality show? I watch it all the time.



Whatever anything is called on T.V. these days, you can be almost certain the show, genre or chanel is about anything but what it's called.

Nothing illustrates this better than so called "Reality T.V."

Ratings slip.  Producers look for more extreme personalities, set up more provocative situations,  and if all goes according to plan...

...someone dies.





Well, in reality, people die. So why shouldn't the networks make a few bucks? Kind of like the news.

Heroes. Blech? That sounds like my nephew who gave up on the show after the first season.

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On the plus side, shows like Survivor pretty much guarantee there is no need to televise traditional entertainments... like dog fights or bear baiting. I think the producers should be congratulated for their contribution to animal welfare.

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Russell, the oilman, continued on in his scortched earth game strategy last night, and indeed  made Survivor history, by finding the immunity idol without any clues being given.

His tribe continues on its downward spiral, from the rot within.


Russell is such an arrogant a-hole. Too bad (some) Americans are such paranoid, cowering sheep. Disgusting how racism, ageism and sexism play themselves out so overtly on TV and in one neat package. I guess that's "reality".

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Yep, and Russell, the oil man, knows how to play every angle of the isms in his favour. And that too is reality, in fact.


Too bad there are no poisonous snakes in Samoa. 

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I am interested in the outcome, if people there catch onto him, perhaps people watching said reality will catch on to how this shit plays out in their life.