Who's watched and read 'Watchmen'?

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Who's watched and read 'Watchmen'?

I've read the graphic novel.  But I haven't watched the movie yet.  Fans of the comic seem to like the movie a lot more than people going into the movie unread. 

Anyone out there with an opinion on Watchmen, book or movie or both?

wage zombie

I loooooved the book, haven't seen the movie yet.

I know the movie is a long one but i don't imagine it could be long enough to adequately do it justice.  Also the book is a metacommentary on the comic book genre, so those without the context might not appreciate it as much.

From what i've heard people who see the movie having not read the book don't really get the point. 


I haven't seen the movie yet, but I have read the graphic novel.  One of my many, many, daughters saw the movie yesterday, and phoned me all bubbly and excited about how good it was.

When I read "The Watchmen" the first time, it was on the computer, as someone sent it to me.   I think that's actually a better format-- the art is more ennjoyable.  Many of the panels in the trade paper format seem too small to me.

I was never one for comics in general as a kid.  I guess I never found a super hero I could identify with.  The odd foray I had into comics then was usually "Tales from the Crypt."

I think what has drawn me in at an older age are characters I can identify with.   "Marv" from Frank Miller's "Sin City"  is one, "V" from "V for Vendetta" is another.   

And of course "Roarshack" from "The Watchmen" is my all time favorite.

Feel free to do some armchair psychoanalysis concerning my choice of comic book heroes.  

Just, like, don't fuck with me.Laughing





Love the book haven't seen the movie. People I know who have seen the movie but not read the book report some difficulties following it.

Star Spangled C...

read the book a while ago and saw the movie on saturday. Book is definitely better (as is almost always the case) but the movie definitely does it justice. I'd recommend it to anyone who liked the GN or is into the genre in general. though my wife wasn't thrilled that our first night out since the baby was born was to see this. She got flowers today....


Still haven't seen the movie.  I'll go this week.

Totally agree with the Zombie.  Some of what I consider deep dark humour is probably lost in the movie. 

 I only stumbled across Watchmen fairly recently.  I read V For Vendetta years ago and for whatever reason never considered checking out his other titles. 

 So did you like the movie Neno?


Like many others, I had never heard of the The Watchmen until fairly recently. Went to see the movie, and then borrowed the book. The book definitely has lots of stuff that the movie missed (For obvious reasons), and is worth the read. Go through it at least twice and you'll uncover lots of new stuff to think about. 


The movie was very looooong, but I did end up liking it. It's certainly not the soft cookie-cutter crap that was The Fantastic Four or Spider Man or Daredevil (Etc etc), and the characters were far more realistic than we're used to seeing out of comic book movies.


I also liked that the ending wasn't purely happy, nor purely sad. I wish Hollywood would make more these movies. 

It's Me D

I've never read the book and found the movie extremely boring. The one upshot was the roarshack character who was excellent. Otherwise I just wondered if anyone who made the movie actually watched the movie. I am sure the book is excellent however.

Kaspar Hauser