38 people killed in Russian psychiatric hospital fire

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38 people killed in Russian psychiatric hospital fire




Fire swept through a decrepit psychiatric hospital in a Moscow suburb in the early hours of Friday, killing 38 people.

The hospital's windows were fitted with bars and some patients were tied to their beds, according to state-run NTV. Others were reportedly sedated.

Psychiatric Hospital No 14, a one-storey building in the suburb of Ramnesky, dated from the 1950s and was partly made of wood, prompting the flames to spread quickly. The hospital is a "special regime" facility, meaning patients are locked in.

Francesca Allan

From your link:

"Russia's health minister later denied reports that the patients had been tied to their beds.

'After speaking with the main doctor I can say that in general all the patients conducted themselves absolutely normally. There were no measures to tie down these patients, or other measures that would not have allowed them to react quickly,' Veronika Skvortsova said."

The patients were absolutely normal?  Then what were they doing in a psych hospital?

I think it's more likely that a lot of them were tied down and could do absolutely nothing as the fire approached them.