Canadian Mental Health and Issues Organizations

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Canadian Mental Health and Issues Organizations

As I promised in an earlier post, this is a list of Canadian organizations along with websites. They contain some interesting organizations and can be contacted about your spefic concerns. Undoubtedly this is an incomplete list so I encourage you to add to it.

Canadian Mental Health Association

Canadian  Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health

Mental Health Commission of Canada  

Schizophrenia Society of Canada

Bell Let’s Talk

List of mental health organizations including provincial from (who would have thought)

Article on changing not criminally responsible legislation concerning mental illness





In the [url=]Mental Illness-Jail All Of Us[/url] thread, epaulo13 posted a recent [url=]article[/url] that listed a bunch of resources at the bottom. These are the ones that are specifically Canadian:

[url=]National Network for Mental Health[/url]

[url=]Canadian Coalition of Alternative Mental Health Resources[/url]

[url=]Mad Students Society[/url]

Francesca Allan

Just my opinion, but the first two listed:

National Network for Mental Health

Canadian Coalition of Alternative Mental Health Resources

look they spout the same old crap, as do all the organizations in the opening post of this thread.

The Mad Students Society, however, looks promising.