Disabled workers strike in U.K. to save their jobs

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Disabled workers strike in U.K. to save their jobs



Amazing story IMO.

[url=http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/jul/19/disabled-workers-stike-rem... workers strike over plans to close Remploy factories: Unions say closure of government-run factories will force thousands of vulnerable people out of work[/url]

Thousands of disabled workers employed at government-run Remploy factories are striking over plans to close at least half of the factories.

By 6.50am on Thursday employees were already gathering, waving placards and unfurling protest banners outside the Remploy factory in Barking. "It is not easy for disabled people as vulnerable and frail as we are to make this sort of protest," said Mark Holloway, who has cerebral palsy and has worked at the factory for 26 years.

"The fact that we've been pushed to come out onto the streets, so early in the morning, to take direct action, shows how desperate we are to save our jobs." [...]

Set up after the second world war to provide sheltered employment for disabled servicemen and women, there are 54 Remploy factories across the UK, employing 2,800 disabled people.