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People First

I want a thread where I can post articles that deal with issues that face people because of our society's inherent ableism. I am not sure what to name this thread so for now I will name it after my favourite advocacy group.


Here is a good article about health care outcomes in Ontario. I suspect that it would be similar in the ROC.

People with developmental disabilities are more likely than the non-disabled to encounter problems with Ontario’s health-care system regardless of age, sex or class, a new study suggests.


Health-care professionals are not trained to recognize developmental disabilities and provide appropriate care in adulthood, she said, adding they often expect their patients to show symptoms and behaviours based on stereotypes they’ve long grown past.

But stigma also plays a role, she said, adding people with invisible disabilities may not be willing or able to communicate their situations in environments they’ve found unsupportive in the past.

“I don’t think we’ve been as accommodating as we can to give that message to people that says, ‘we want to know about what your unique needs are so that we can accommodate them,” she said. “Some people, at least, are thinking, ‘I’m going to be treated worse if I make it obvious that I have this disability, or I’m not going to get the care that I need.’”

Douglas Fir Premier

Disability Etiquette Lessons From A Campaign Encounter Gone Wrong

“I felt like he talked down to me. And I was mad that he touched my face. Because I have a disability and use a Tobii communication device, he was perceiving me differently than another 20-year-old. As not being smart.”

“We are cute but rarely serious; inspiring, but rarely powerful. He doesn’t need to lobby for our vote because we’re never seen as citizens with a duty to participate in the political process, but children needing to be taken care of.”