"Spasticus Autisticus" performed at London Paralympic ceremony

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"Spasticus Autisticus" performed at London Paralympic ceremony

I heard about this the evening it happened on FB, but I hadn't seen any coverage of it until now.

As part of the opening ceremonies Graeae Teatre performed "Spasticus Autisticus" by Ian Dury.A great act of redemption, IMO.

Dury originally wrote the song in 1981 to mark the International Year of the Disabled. It was promptly banned as offensive by the BBC, which never bothered to learn that Dury was himself a survivor of polio.

Dury continued to perform the song until his death in the late 90s, but the ban marked the last time one of his songs was on the charts.


A short documentary about the ban:





It is ludicrous, as many a disabled teenager was able to take up the tune in defiance at the similar and worse jibes they faced every day of their lives.