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Douglas Fir Premier

Disability representation and inclusion advocate, Imani Barbarin, created the hashtag #UHateDisabledPeople on Twitter, and it's worth a read.



This is the kind of excess that just gives the left a bad name. Being rude and inconsiderate doesn't mean you hate people it just means you are rude and inconsiderate. The man whose wife is in a wheelchair doesn't hate disabled people. He has a problem with people who don't need handicapped spots using one. He is ignorant in that he doesn't understand that disablity doesn't necessarily mean wheelchair. 



Agree, but this has nothing to do with "the left".

Douglas Fir Premier

Hahahaha... when I saw that Pondering had posted a response yesterday, I didn't even need to click on the thread to know what her response would be.

Thanks for proving the point, you two. "All Lives Matter" and "Not All Men" too, amirite?

So, if you've bothered to actually peruse the hashtag, you'll already know that disabled folks have addressed patronizing comments like yours.

"If you tone police a marginalized group while they voice real concerns about their general well being being instead of actually listening to what they have to say #UHateDisabledPeople" - @HufflepuffLord

"When you try and minimize disabled people's voices, #UHateDisabledPeople" - @Chronically_Meg

"No because we need a place and a way to talk about the discrimination we face. I can tell you so many stories about horrible things I've had to deal with. Please dont come into a discussion and try to take over the voices of disabled people. Listen, you might learn something." - @tiffey98

"This tag was created for disabled people to share our experiences of oppression. Please don't act like that's a bad thing." - @A_Silent_Child

"It’s always hilarious to me that people end up being more offended by a “strong word” than they are about the actual abuse & mistreatment that disabled and marginalized people face everyday." - @d_vaz

"Lol nah. Let's not pretend ableism doesn't exist and gaslight disabled people even more than we already do." - @emilyjamar

"If you tone police disabled people on social media for being exhausted, angry & frustrated with a world that indirectly & actively discriminates against them trying to access work, healthcare or just their local community #UHateDisabledPeople" - @BlondeHistorian

"If you think hate is too strong a word & tone-police #disabled people calling out #ableist bullshit for what it is, #UHateDisabledPeople." - @WheelsofSteer

"A message to those saying #UHateDisabledPeople is ineffective: we are TIRED of being gentle with folks who don’t give a damn about our oppression. We’re allowed to be angry and we’re allowed to show it and we’re allowed to force people to examine their privilege." - @hmkerstetter


If the point is to vent then it's fine. Venting is useful. If the point is to communicate needs and have them addressed then it's failing.

My focus is on promoting understanding and specific changes that directly improve the lives of people who are struggling be it from physical handicaps, race, sex, class or any other disadvantage. 

It seems logical to believe that by berating others they will be motivated to better behavior but it isn't human nature. The more likely response is rejection not listening. 

I have no reason or motivation to go read messages from people berating me and accusing me of being hateful. I am not inspired to listen. I'm put on the defensive. 

I was inspired to listen to disabled people on youtube answer questions that would be rude to ask. It was really interesting and did increase my understanding of the practical nature of the barriers they face. 

Education is more productive than attack. 

Douglas Fir Premier

The point of all this is to say that ableism does exist on the left and that it doesn’t in any way get us closer to our goals, but instead further oppresses an already marginalized group. You can’t say “Eat the Rich” if you don’t include disabled people in your activism. By excluding disabled folks, you’re fundamentally leaving out a group acutely affected by the capitalism that leftists claim to abhor.