workshop: Building Inclusive and Accessible Movements

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workshop: Building Inclusive and Accessible Movements



Building Inclusive and Accessible Movements

This workshop will talk about both the political and practical aspects of accessibility in political organizing. This workshop will focus on the political importance of building inclusive movements, the strength that including diverse groups of disabled people brings to organizations and movements and what some of the things we should be putting in place to make events and organizations more accessible.

Time: Sunday March 3rd, noon - 5pm.

Location: University of Toronto, St. George Campus.  Exact campus room location given to registrants a week before the event.

Trainer:  A.J. Withers is a longtime radical disability and anti-poverty activist. They are also the author of Disability Politics and Theory (Frenwood) and the If I Can't Dance is it Still My Revolution zine series and blog ( As a disabled and trans organizer, A.J. thinks a lot about access, barriers and privilege and how to transform social movements to be inclusive.

You can register [url=]here[/url].

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I love AJ Withers! I see that it's offered through OPIRG, but is this a one-off or is it associated with another organization? Is Fernwood touring?

Thanks for posting, oda.

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..txs oda. looks good.

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I'm sorry I missed this. Hopefully there'll be another one in the near future.

Anyone here who went? How was it?