43 Million Secret Reasons Not To Vote For Steven Harper - Yet Another Cover-Up?

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43 Million Secret Reasons Not To Vote For Steven Harper - Yet Another Cover-Up?

Certainly the timing could not be worse for the PM, but a nine year old secret is one that every Canadian needs to know about I think.  It involves $43 million dollars stolen from Brian McWilliams, David Lewis, Louis Sapi, and Mr. Esptein of Toronto way back in 2001. No, Mr. Harper didn't steal the money. But apparently he let the U.S. Justice Department do it while he looked the other way and extradited the whiistle blower who brought it to his attention in a 4 page letter.  In short, he allowed about three hundred tax-evading Canadians to lose their money in a U.S. government cut-out company that was laundering millions of drug money proceeds through Levesque and Nesbitt Burns, or so the allegations go.  The story starts with this Toronto Star article, or at least that is what the public is led to believe.


But according to this 2006 letter to Harper by a former FBI informant and American Financial Group executive an honest FBI agent wanted to shut down AFG 4 years before the Canadian investors kissed their $43 million good-bye but the U.S. DOJ allowed the company to stay open to continue laundering drug monies  from $1B of cocaine smuggled into Canada by a corrupt FBI Agent who was personal friends with the Bush family and has mansions in Key Biscayne and Montreal.  Sounds like a movie or some novel eh?   Here's the letter Harper basically ignored, blowing his chance to say "No corruption on my watch!"  http://2006bruce.blogspot.com

I admit, I was super skeptical when I read this story here, http://forums.canadiancontent.net/canadian-politics/137743-pm-harper-gui... Surely I thought this would trun out to be propaganda rumors created by some clever liberal but when I read all the links and see there really are court cases, a Law Society complaint, and former officials and this reporter who say it is true, I have to wonder how and why the hell did this remain buried for nine years? A lot of people had to know about this. Were they all super loyal conservatives or ?????I

I just spent about three hours reading all the links connected with this story and I will eat my smelly socks if there is not something foul being hidden here. The two guys who supposedly stole the $87 million spent a combined prison sentence of 8 MONTHS and one turns out to be a 20 Year executive of the U.S. Jutice Department married to the former secretary and banker of General Noriega (Edward Myles Chism) while the other guy (David Siegel) is a former CIA analyst. Coincidence?  Google "Terestita Tapia, Noriega, American Financial Group, Chism" and you will see the writing on the wall.

But it gets better (or worse actually). Our mounties actually caught the crooked FBI agent Nelson with a plane load of cocaine in Regina and wanted to lock him away when they learn how longs he's been doing it. Instead he is given bail and hops on a plane home to Florida, and no Canadian official seeks to extradite him. This took place back in 1997 when Harper first entered politics but he's the one who decided the court case in Regina should be sealed forever even though an estimated billion dollars of drugs hit the streets of Canada. WTF?

Then I learned that MP Szabo was tipped off about this stuff years ago but a former RCMP who was forced to resign because of wrongful shooting becomes the lawyer for the whistle blower and really strange shit begins to happen after the lawyer himself is arrested for child abuse.  He "misplaces' evidence and makes sure the whistleblower never gets to even speak at his fake extardition hearing, much less testify on record about all of the above government crimes.  Szabo apparently offered to open an investigation and wanted to meet with lawyer who strangely refuses to meet with Szabo. This here details the betrayal of the lawyer http://bruceslawsocietycompaint.wordpress.com and the below is just one of some unbelievable exhibits:

I have to give Harper credit for keeping this stuff secret for so long but how the hell can you extradite a guy who is not indicted for any crime and there are no "charging documents" presented at the extradition hearing>  From what I see in Gary Bottings book on Extradition, charging documents are a mandatory requirement at the time the extradition takes place and according to the sworn report of private investogator Ed Reiken, only becuase a justice and the lawyer handling the appeal (Greg LaFontaine) asked to review the "charging documents" were they created and faxed less than five minute before the appeal hearing started - 2 years after the extradition hearing!  I am no Gary Botting but there is something wrong with this picture fellas. 

The last thing that convinces me we have another scandal on our hands here is the backgrund and history of the "despicable criminal" Justice Minister Nicholson refused to listen to who claims are pretty much documented here http://whyunclesamhatesbruce.blogspot.com  It appears now this whole fiasco has come back to bite Haroer in the ass.  10 years of secrecy and this horror story now makes me wonder what else we don't know about?

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For some reaon the letter link above will not open so you can try this http://2006bruce.blogspot.com/2015/03/my2006letter2harper.html  I have also cut and pasted the 4 page letter below with the comments made by the author


"To all those who seek truth and genuine justice in this world and despise censorship, the below was my letter sent to Mr. Harper via the OSC. The night that I composed this letter I had been drinking some wine and this is part of the reason I mispelled his first name. The other reason is because one of my former lawyers had made reference to Mr. Harper as "Dennis The Menace" and for some reason that bit of humor stuck in my mind. At that point in my life I had no feelings about Harper one way or another since I did not know much about the man at the time.

Had I not been drinking this night I might not have been angry enough to get motivated to write this communication. I then was given some coffee by my wife which I promptly spilled on the letter. I then printed out a second letter and third letter and kept the soiled one as my copy.  One of the other letters was identical to this one (addressed to Harper) and the other had sentence difference which was addressed to Mr. Wilson the Director of the OSC at the time. These letter will not mean much unless you know the background of where I worked from 1994 to 1996 and how and why I became a government informant after resigning from American Financial Group and WHY. "

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This is quite disturbing. Has anyone done research on this at the courthouse?  Online I find the Ontario Superior Court case no E-19-00 with three lawyers of record:  Solicitor Marshall Drukarsh, Solicitor William Gilmour, and Solicitor Greg LaFontaine.  The Law Society complaint link in the OP is outrageous. Maybe Harper should rename his Ministry of Justice, as "Ministry of Just Us"


Wow...   in the interests of fairness and accuracy, just who is PM Dennis Harper?    Is this 'whistle blower' an American, Anthony DiMarco/Bruce Gorcyca who was convicted of securities fraud etc. etc.   in 1999.   If there is any substance to your accusations surely it would be the previous Liberal government you should be targeting. 




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As a former Harper supporter (I had to bail after the Arar case - sorry) I have to tell you that things are never what they seem to be in politics and some of your information is simply not correct.  Peruse this link at your leisure http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?685273-Hackers-amp-Biased-Mods-Deleti...

This matter cannot possibly be resolved before the 19th but it is interesting enough to warrant a thorough investigation in my opinion. The hack job at Reddit really makes me wonder just how much stuff gets censored from the internet. Incumbents have almost unlmited resources and thus the advantage in elections. Just a fact that none of us can change.As for the incorrect information provided, see here: http://www.veteranstodayforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1234&p=2612#p2612

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I just clipped this from a legal blog regarding human rights. while I was doing some research at Osgoode Hall law library. I thought it might be a bunch of BS so I took a walk downstairs into the archives of Ontario Court of Appeals and lo and behold - it is all there in black and white. This is a genuine scandal that has gone unnoticed for quite a few years gents. It makes the Maher Arar case look like a day at summer camp. This guy was also also tortured by the Americans - in Miami (solitary confinement for 6 months, and even burned with cigarettes to get his signature on a document he refused to sign, apparently a confession of sorts).

"Now that Stephen Harper has been removed from office, American whistle-blower, author, and refugee applicant is still exiled abroad in China as a result of Harper's rude and illegal attempt to conceal $1 Billion of drug smuggling and a $43 million investment fraud by authorizing Gorcyca's fake extradition - just to remove a witness who could otherwise be subpoenaed to testify against him and a handful of his cronies.

Gorcyca is a former U.S.Treasury agent well trained to investigate financial frauds and he was also an insider executive and FBI informant of a government front company called American Financial Group (Aventura, Florida) that laundered millions of dollars of the drug proceed moneys on Wall Street and then liquidated them in Canada before much of that money ended up in Jeb Bush's campaign funds and his father's wallet. In a huge screw up, the SEC was not made aware of AFG's "special status" until after they ran their news release that rightly accused the company of fraud.

Just like they scrambled to cover-up the arrest of corrupt FBI Agent Terry Nelson and Canadian Mike Huxtable (a friend of Stephen Harper) who were caught with 4 tons of cocaine in 1997 See: Will Harper Unseal Terry Nelson Court Files To Expose Drug Corruption? - Federal Politics - Political Forums, the Bush/Harper team rushed to discredit Gorcyca just days after he filed a refugee claim in Canada (He's married to a Canadian citizen for over 17 years) and submitted a 2 page letter to Amnesty International, which claimed they had no funds to help an American refugee in Canada.

Although this story may sound bizarre to you, it is all a matter of Court record in Ontario and New York, and the sworn 11 page investigative report of veteran Private Investigator Ed Reiken found here in this Law Society complaint will blow you away: http://bruceslawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com.

Gorcyca claims he was approached by honest and senior RCMP and DEA officials who confirmed that Harper received $3 million from Bush "look the other way" and by doing so, over $1 Billion of cocaine was flown into Nova Scotia, Montreal, and Saskatchewan, by Team Bush which also arranged the murders of pilot Barry Seal, George Morales, and reporter Gary Webb who supposedly committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the head. Much of this information along with other criminal dealing of Jeb Bush and his family have been published by 5 authors who were never once challenged with a libel or slander suit. Read these non-fiction books for detailed background on Bush's criminal past:

BARRY & THE BOYS by Daniel Hopsicker 
The Return of Barry & 'the boys'"


CRIMES OF PATRIOTS by Jonathan Kwitny
The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA: Jonathan Kwitny: 9780393336658: Amazon.com: Books

THE SECRET TEAM by Col. Fletcher B. Prouty, USAF
"The Secret Team, The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World"

IMMACULATE DECEPTION - INSIDE THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY by Gen. Russell Bowenhttp://www.amazon.com/The-Immaculate.../dp/0922356807

BUSH FAMILY VALUES (1992) by Mother Jones News Bush Family Value$ | Mother Jones

Matt Taibbi Articles In Rolling Stone about Money Laundering on Wall Street.

Gorcyca's seized manuscripts is alleged to tie up all the loose ends and supply the big missing piece of the AFG Laundromat which was located in suite 601 of Alberto Duque's City National Bank in Aventura, Florida.

The President of American Financial Group was a Bush puppet named Edward Myles Chism who not coincidentally worked 20+ years for the U.S. Justice Department in Panama where he was pals with General Manuel Noriega, who later provide the seed capital to open AFG. Chism also married Teresita Tapia, the personal secretary, banker, translator, and mistress of Noriega and the couple moved to Miami after Bush arranged the kidnapping of his form business partner Manuel Noriega. Former DEA Director John Lawn long ago confirmed the Bush/Noriega business relationship and how things went South when Noriega demanded that U.S. troops leave Panama.

But here are links Trudeau should review so that a man who only reported government crimes can be reunited with his young Canadian children who he has not seen in 5 years due to threats against his wife and kids if he ever returns to North America where he could be subpoenaed as a witness. 

Open Letter To PM Justin Trudeau - Help Exiled Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca Come Home To Canadian Family And Testify About Corruption Of Fake Extradition | Open Letter

Veteran Bruce Gorcyca Trying To Expose Government Drug Smuggling - Let's Help Him - Veterans Today Forum - U.S. Military

43 Million Secret Reasons Not To Vote For Steven Harper - Yet Another Cover-Up? | rabble.ca

Here's the real kicker friends... Chism who was accused and convicted of stealing $87 million with over 120 victims who came forward demanding a refund, served only 8 months in a federal resort prison that has no cells nor bars (Eglin AIr Force Base), and his CFO, a former CIA analyst named David Siegel, spent 1 day in jail. Meanwhile, Bush and his pals on Team USA tried to get Gorcyca locked away for 10 years for a crime that has no victims, and never took place! Btw... Part of Chism's plea deal was that he would live the balance of his life outside America after his release - in Panama, where he cannot be subpoenaed as a witness. How convenient. Seehttp://americanfinancialgroupfraud.wordpress.com

Harper needs to be held accountable for his obstruction of justice, and Bush should not be allowed within 1,000 yards of any government building, including the White House. The persecution of Gorcyca proves Murphy's Third Law: "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished".

To review 27 years of whistle blowing by Gorcyca, visit WhyUncleSamHatesBruce and take note that his legitimate refugee claim was ignored for 8 years by Harper's Ottawa empire."  The below diagram is one of 39 photos and illustrations in Gorcyca's book manuscripts that were seized according to "Nico" at worldlawdirect.com.