Women Candidates - 2015 Election

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Women Candidates - 2015 Election

Percentage of Women Candidates

As of January 31, 2015


NDP - 46 out of 115 (40.0%)

LIB - 67 out of 194 (34.5%)

GRN - 10 out of 32 (31.3%)

CON - 36 out of 194 (18.6%)




So the 3 Opposition parties are all close to one another in having approximately one-third to forty precent women, meanwhile the Conservatives are at only 18%.  How can it be acceptable in the year 2015 for a major party to only have 18% women candidates?

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Talk around Ottawa circles is that PC leadership candidate and MPP Lisa McLeod will withdraw from the race. And seek the nomination for John Baird vacant federal seat.

She represents it provincially, and would win in a cakewalk. That is how popular she is in Ottawa.

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Debater wrote:
How can it be acceptable in the year 2015 for a major party to only have 18% women candidates?

Well, as long as they showcase outstanding women like Dr. Kellie Leitch, I think it's acceptable.

[url=http://www.pressprogress.ca/en/post/mp-lecture-university-students-why-s... to lecture university students on "why Stephen Harper is good for science"[/url]

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Stephen Harper is good for science because by removing basic funding, we have to figure it out for ourselves!

Seriously though, I have always been an advocate for women candidates. Since the election of 1993, I have only worked for them.

When more women are in a House, there is generally better government. Even so, when they get there, they face an Old Boy's Club, obstructionism, harassment, patronization, and other stuff I guess you would have to face if you were with lots of alpha dog males.

And yes, Lisa McLeod would be a loss for the PCPO and a gain for the CPC. A definite catch for Harper, and no Mikey Harris taint. Very good at making speeches and harranguing corrupt Liberals.

More women from all the parties, please!


FWIW, Queen's University Conservative Association eventually cancelled this week's lecture by Kellie Leitch on why Stephen Harper is good for science. They blamed it on scheduling conflicts, but after the all stir (and ridicule) the event caused on social media, one has to wonder.


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No that had to be a hoax.


montrealer, I certainly support measure to ensure more women candidates; we have such provisions in Québec solidaire. But my federal MP, who has advocated many measures that would benefit women, happens to be a man.

One woman who'll be an NDP candidate this time round is Maria Mourani, in Ahuntsic. I wonder what people think of her...

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I am pretty sure the NDP, Liberals, and Greens all have policies to make sure a certain number of women candidates get a chance in each election. The question recently has been running them in places where they can win. The target is a minimum of 35% women candidates I believe. That the Tories cannot hit this is pretty pathetic.