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Beyond Tipping Point: Global Warming Has Raised Arctic Temps to Hottest in 120,000 Years

"New research shows that in some areas - where human-caused climate change has driven termperatures highter than they've been for tens of thousands of years - melting polar ice caps are now beyond any hope of saving.

A study announced this week confirms for the first time that, because of global warming, the average summer temperature over the past 100 years in the Eastern Canadian Arctic is hotter than any other century in the last 44,000 years and likely the hottest over the past 120,000 years..."


Tearful Speech By Philippines Man After Super-Typhoon Haiyan (

Naderev "Yeb" Sano (Head of Philippines Climate Change Commission) wrote:
We can fix this. We can stop this madness. Right now, right here,

Climate change rallies staged across Canada (



Is anyone aware of news agencies reporting on the 19th session of the United Nation's Framework Convention on Climate Change?  Or, maybe I need to change my question:  Is anyone aware of news agencies NOT reporting on the 19th session of the UNFCC?


1 hour ago COP 19 Warsaw Update: How Secretary Figueres' Main Objectives Faired in the First Week

7 hours ago Why UN Climate Talks Are Still Relevant: Report from COP 19 in Warsaw

Nov 13, 2013 COP 19 Opens in Warsaw With Modest Expectatations

    ( "The world's best thinkers on energy & climate"

Nov 18, 2013 Turning up the heat at COP 19 in Warsaw (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Nov 18, 2013 Leona Aglukkaq attends her 1st UN climate change conference (

Nov 16, 2013 Canada's greenhouse gas stance slammed as COP 19 seeks solutions

Nov 18, 2013 VIDEO: Voices of the March for Climate and Social Justice at COP 19 in Warsaw, Poland

    ( "a daily independent global news hour with Amy Goodman & Juan González"

Nov 11, 2013 IFRC co-hosting side events at COP 19, Warsaw ahead of ‘critical year’ for climate

    ( International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Nov 13, 2013 COP-19, UN Climate Change Conference Kicked off at Warsaw, Poland

    ( Education and Career Forum: List of Courses, School, Colleges India

Nov 18, 2013 South Africa: Passionate Words At the Pre-Cop 19 Interfaith Service in Warsaw


November 14, 2013 Demanding action on climate change at COP 19 in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan (

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Watched Al Gore and Premier Wynne in Toronto. Excellent that there will be no more dirty coal power generation in the province.



Climate Change To Sink New York (and vid)

"New York, Shanghai, London and other cities underwater in decades? Obama spikes EPA report admitting fracking does 'significant' damage to drinking water, and polluters paying Disney to sell their chemicals to children.."


Nigel Lawson condemns Met Office scientist's 'absurd' floods comment

Former Tory chancellor denies claim that global warming is almost certainly to blame for floods and torrential rain

UK Storms: Met office issues red warning for damaging winds – live updatesLIVE


Why they give jerks like this an ounce of airtime I'll never know.

5 reasons Eric Pickles is a floody idiot who can't be taken seriously


Environment Agency staff not being sent to flood-hit Wraysbury after abuse by villagers


Storms battering the UK could cost £15BILLION and plunge country back into recession

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The Sixth Extinction: Elizabeth Kolbert on How Humans Are Causing Largest Die-Off Since Dinosaur Age

In the history of the planet, there have been five known mass extinction events. The last came 65 million years ago, when an asteroid about half the size of Manhattan collided with the Earth, wiping out the dinosaurs and bringing the Cretaceous period to an end. Scientists say we are now experiencing the sixth extinction, with up to 50 percent of all living species in danger of disappearing by the end of the century. But unlike previous extinctions, the direct cause this time is us — human-driven climate change....


DAVID SUZUKI: We need to shift that to a better understanding that we are part of a vast web of interconnected species, that it is the biosphere, the zone of air, water and land, where all life exists. It’s a very thin layer around the planet. Carl Sagan told us that if you shrink the Earth to the size of a basketball, the biosphere, the zone of air, water and land, where all life exists, would be thinner than a layer of Saran Wrap, and that’s it. That’s our home, but it’s home to 10 to 30 thousand—30 million other species that keep the planet habitable. And if we don’t see that we are utterly embedded in the natural world and dependent on nature, not technology, not economics, not science—we’re dependent on Mother Nature for our very well-being and survival. If we don’t see that, then our priorities will continue to be driven by man-made constructs like national borders, economies, corporations, markets. Those are all human-created things. They shouldn’t dominate the way we live. It should be the biosphere....


Santa’s revenge: melting Arctic ice may be driving this winter’s chill (

Evidence is mounting that a warming Arctic has set the jet stream loose.

Darker Arctic boosting global warming (

Less ice, more open water made Arctic grow 8% darker between 1979 and 2011

As Arctic Melts, Marine Mammals Become Sentinels for Disease (

Pathogens take advantage of less ice in the north.


NorthReport wrote:

Nigel Lawson condemns Met Office scientist's 'absurd' floods comment

Former Tory chancellor denies claim that global warming is almost certainly to blame for floods and torrential rain

UK Storms: Met office issues red warning for damaging winds – live updatesLIVE

Why are you giving Lawson "airtime"?

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Tens of Thousands in France Say No New Airport!

Tens of thousands of protesters rallied in the western France city of Nantes on Saturday, fighting a new airport they say will cause environmental destruction and fly in the face of President Hollande's promises of a "green transition."

The new airport, described as a pet project of Prime Minister and ex-mayor of Nantes Jean-Marc Ayrault, has been contested for decades.

Among those present at Saturday's protest were farmers, including hundreds of tractors, environmentalists, trade union members, and those described as being "radicals." That fringe group was blamed for acts of violence during the protest, and was hit with water cannons and tear gas by police....


The Polar Vortex is About To Hit For the Third Time

"Remember that time when a giant pattern of Arctic air descended over the US and Canada, freezing everything in its path?

Remember when it came back?

Yeah - That's all happening again..."

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Acidic Waters Kill 10 Million Scallops Off Vancouver

A mass die-off of scallops near Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island is being linked to the increasingly acidic waters that are threatening marine life and aquatic industries along the West Coast.

Rob Saunders, CEO of Island Scallops, estimates his company has lost three years worth of scallops and $10 million dollars — forcing him to lay off approximately one-third of his staff.

“I’m not sure we are going to stay alive and I’m not sure the oyster industry is going to stay alive,” Saunders told The Parksville Qualicum Beach NEWS. “It’s that dramatic.”

Ocean acidification, often referred to as global warming’s “evil twin,” threatens to upend the delicate balance of marine life across the globe. As we pump increasing amounts of carbon pollution into the atmosphere, it’s not just wreaking havoc on air quality. The oceans are the world’s largest carbon sinks, absorbing one-quarter of the carbon dioxide emitted every year. The more carbon dioxide absorbed, the more acidic the water becomes and as a result, organisms like shellfish no longer have the calcium carbonate they need to build their shells....

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Ecopathy: The environmental disease

Besides the many diverse costs resulting from our environmental damage to nature, we are now beginning to suffer a loss of reputation. Under a new category of study called “ecopsychology”, thinkers from a wide range of disciplines have started an honest and penetrating examination of mechanisms guiding our collective behaviour. The resulting image of humanity is not flattering. Words such as “psychopathic” are appearing, along with invented derivatives such as “ecopathic”, “ecopath” and “ecopathy”.

Coining a new term

Ecopathy is derived from two Greek words, oikos for “house” and pathy for “sickness”, “disease” or “suffering”. The word is sobering because it recognizes that the deteriorating ecological condition of our planet is the direct result of an indifference and negligence in our human behaviour that we seem incapable of correcting, even though we have known for decades what to do and how to do it. The medical term for this condition is a pathology....

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Let's Call Climate Change What It Really Is—Violence

If you're poor, the only way you're likely to injure someone is the old traditional way: artisanal violence, we could call it – by hands, by knife, by club, or maybe modern hands-on violence, by gun or by car.

But if you're tremendously wealthy, you can practice industrial-scale violence without any manual labor on your own part. You can, say, build a sweatshop factory that will  collapse in Bangladesh and kill more people than any hands-on mass murderer ever did, or you can calculate risk and benefit about putting poisons or unsafe machines into the world, as manufacturers do every day. If you're the leader of a country, you can declare war and kill by the hundreds of thousands or millions. And the nuclear superpowers – the US and Russia – still hold the option of destroying quite a lot of life on Earth.

So do the carbon barons. But when we talk about violence, we almost always talk about violence from below, not above....


How dumb can Canadians be, eh!

How Canada’s incoherence on climate is killing Keystone

In the absence of ambitious climate policies, Edmonton and Ottawa have decided on an ambitious program of wordsmithing


California drought drives exodus of cattle ranchers to eastern states

Ranchers herd their stock away from dying grasslands as beef prices reach record highs and industry faces uncertain future


You think it's hot now, eh!

Will the Amazon rain forest be destroyed by fire?

Groundbreaking eight-year study fingers deforestation-caused drought and fires as leading to a possible "tipping point" configuration


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Fossil Free Stanford Statement on Coal Divestment

Today, the climate movement won a groundbreaking victory. In a striking acknowledgement of the need for a bold and immediate response to climate change, Stanford University is divesting from the coal industry.

The Stanford endowment, valued at $18.7 billion, will now become the largest in a growing group of funds to partially divest from fossil fuels.

In November 2012, Fossil Free Stanford was born. Shiny new clipboards in hand, we petitioned door to door, watching expressions of initial confusion settle one by one into reflections of cautious hope. Our fellow students began to realize that there was finally an effective movement to help tackle climate change....

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Unprecedented B.C. glacier melt seeps into U.S. climate change concerns

Some B.C. glaciers losing 22 cubic kilometres of ice a year, or about 22 billion cubic metres of water

The mountains of British Columbia cradle glaciers that have scored the landscape over millennia, shaping the rugged West Coast since long before it was the West Coast.

But they're in rapid retreat, and an American state-of-the-union report on climate change has singled out the rapid melt in British Columbia and Alaska as a major climate change issue.

"Most glaciers in Alaska and British Columbia are shrinking substantially," said the U.S. National Climate Assessment, released last week to much fanfare south of the border.

"This trend is expected to continue and has implications for hydropower production, ocean circulation patterns, fisheries, and global sea level rise.".....

Red Winnipeg

Is it time to now prepare for long-term climate change and stop trying to prevent it? It appears that humans are simply unwilling to implement change that might reduce the effects of future climate change but which might also result in a dramatic decrease in economic health.


I don't think that there is enough time to "prepare" even for short-term effects of climate change.

And how can we stop preventing climate change if we haven't started preventing climate change?

Buckminster Fuller wrote:
We are not going to be able to operate our Spaceship Earth successfully nor for much longer unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. It has to be everybody or nobody.


Red Winnipeg

Here is what I see as the basic problem: Too many people refuse to accept short-term economic pain for long-term climate goals.

I don't mean to discount "short-term economic pain" because it would be significant. Given the inefficiency of current wind and solar technology, in order to meaningfully reduce GHG emissions, we'd have to do with a lot fewer conveniences. For example, are people going to give up private vehicles? No, they are not.

And, the people most concerned about climate change (those on the Left) are adamantly opposed to the one source of energy that does not produce GHG: Nuclear power.

If one wants to see evidence of the stalemate, one only needs to look at the international summits on climate change: Nothing is happening. Really. Nothing!

Given that people are simply not going to accept the economic costs associated with reducing GHG production and given that the Left will not accept nuclear power, I don't see anything changing. Absolutely nothing.


Naomi Klein: the hypocrisy behind the big business climate change battle (

We are stuck, because the actions that would give us the best chance of averting catastrophe – and benefit the vast majority – are threatening to an elite minority with a stranglehold over our economy, political process and media.


Good interview as Klein sure has an ability to cut through the gobbleygook 

These kind of discussions need to be on the front pages 

Naomi Klein on climate change and capitalism

Klein calls climate change an ‘existential crisis for the human species.’


Scientists Discover Three Massive Holes in Northern Siberia


Here Comes Another Corporatized Climate Summit

UN meeting again corroded by big business influence. Is it time to change tactics?


Naomi Klein on climate failure: “It’s not that we’ve done nothing. We’ve done the wrong things.

”We can't fight global warming without taking on the system


NGOs Are Cages: How Capitalism Controls Mass Movements  -  by Stephane Mcmillan

"We really need to understand the methods used by NGOs to undermine radical political organizing efforts and divert us into political dead ends. The People's Climate March is a good case study because it's so blatant..."


What If Climate Change is Worse Than We Thought?  -  by Robert Hunziker

"It is worse than we thought!

New studies about the warming of the planet and the risk of massive release of methane from the Arctic are 'worse than we thought'..."


<cite>UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon</cite> wrote:
Science has spoken. There is no ambiguity in their message.

UN climate change report offers stark warnings, hope (

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases its 4th, final climate assessment volume


As this may be the least popular topic on Babble next to Ebola and partisan trolling threads, I thought I might mention that the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in Earth's atmosphere has already gone above 0.04% in a very short timespan.

Carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere (


Maybe TV?  Some post apocalyptic comedy?

<strong><a href=""></a></strong> wrote:
Season 3: Episode 3 - "Main Justice"

Teleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Jon Lovett & Aaron Sorkin; Directed by Alan Poul

Maggie's EPA scoop makes it to News Night.

<a href=" wrote:
On"> the show that night, Maggie's story runs, and during Will’s interview with Richard Westbrook (Paul Lieberstein), her EPA contact was depressingly apocalyptic.


Silence.  Still hearing crickets.


Climate Change: Basic Information (


I hope Canada/Canadians are getting prepared as we are not immune and are going to be hit with a vengeance sooner than we think.

How many Canadians are living at or close to sea level?

What about yourselves? Do you know how high above sea level you live?

I sometimes drive along highway 99 between Vancouver and White Rock and when I do now I sometimes wonder when is that water I see to the West of me going to come up over the banks and onto the highway. It's coming sure as anythin'.

A lot of housing development in the Richmond area must be very close to sea level. Maybe anyone who wants to move to BC show have to show proof of being able to swim and show ownership of a life preserver.

Winds were bringing water onto the Seawall in Stanley Park today to the point they had to close off a portion of the Seawall.

Is Louisiana’s coastline beyond saving?

An area the size of Delaware has already disappeared, and we may be powerless to stem the rising tides

Is Louisiana's coastline beyond saving?

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana — The river systems of the world have a certain pageantry in the history of the countries through which they flow, and names with a musical ring: Amazon and Ganges, Mekong, Nile and Irrawaddy, Rhine, Volga, Yangtze and the name with a hard, dark pull in New Orleans environmental writer Bob Marshall’s life: Mississippi.

“All of the world’s great deltas are collapsing because of development and sea level rise,” says Marshall, who has long history in the Louisiana coastal wetlands, where the Mississippi River delta meets the Gulf of Mexico.

Rivers were the highways of the world before roads and internal combustion engines,” explains Marshall. “Commerce was at the mouth of these rivers, port to port. The alluvial flood plains were fertile for farming, so they put up levees. The Niger River delta [in Nigeria] has been absolutely destroyed by oil and gas drilling, much worse than ours.”

Marshall reports for The Lens, a digital publication that collaborated with ProPublica on “Losing Ground,” an August investigation of Louisiana’s coastal erosion. The project used map simulations that drew wide media attention for a rendering of how much coastal forest has been swallowed and how far inland the Gulf is rising as south Louisiana sinks.

“Louisiana is drowning, quickly,” Marshall wrote in the main story. “In just 80 years, some 2000 square miles of its coastal landscape have turned to open water, wiping places off maps, bringing the Gulf of Mexico to the back door of New Orleans and posing a lethal threat to an energy and shipping corridor vital to the nation’s economy.”

An area the size of Delaware has disappeared. Acreage the size of a football field sinks in the Gulf on average once an hour. The federal government recently erased more than 20 communities south of New Orleans from the map – they’re underwater now.


No, the markets won’t ‘fix’ climate change for us





Climate change survey reveals Canadians' fears for future generations

Poll suggests acceptance of climate change science rising - and most don't see Canada as a laggard

The bottom line, said Neuman, is the new poll shows the Conservative government's handling of climate change is not going to turn into a ballot box issue.


NorthReport wrote:
No, the markets won’t ‘fix’ climate change for us (

I am not going to bet on it, but maybe they will.

Inside Elon Musk’s $1.4 billion score (

BTW NR, Thanks for the great article by Linda McQuaig.


I am not engaged much on the climate change front - but just wanted to flag this article that I thought presents well some of the challenges and conundrums associated with this file. In a nutshell, the author acknowledges the difference between conservatives - as deniers of climate change, - and liberals - as deniers of the implications of climate change.  (Its American, so small "l" and small "c" throughout.)  

As in, "Hey libs - don't try to kid yourself that more windmills. electric cars and fewer pipelines are going to be enough to make a difference!"  How you translate this sort of analysis - and implicit prescription for change - into a viable political platform is a daunting challenge.

Six Myths About Climate Change that Liberals Rarely Question

Myth #1:  Liberals Are Not In Denial 

“We will not apologize for our way of life” –Barack Obama

The conservative denial of the very fact of climate change looms large in the minds of many liberals.  How, we ask, could people ignore so much solid and unrefuted evidence?   Will they deny the existence of fire as Rome burns once again?  With so much at stake, this denial is maddening, indeed.  But almost never discussed is an unfortunate side-effect of this denial: it has all but insured that any national debate in America will occur in a place where most liberals are not required to challenge any of their own beliefs.  The question has been reduced to a two-sided affair—is it happening or is it not—and liberals are obviously on the right side of that.

If we broadened the debate just a little bit, however, we would see that most liberals have just moved a giant boat-load of denial down-stream, and that this denial is as harmful as that of conservatives...



Awesome.  Thanks SF.