Conflict. Headline says it clearly without the story.

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Conflict. Headline says it clearly without the story.



Here are the headline and sub-heads as they appear in the paper. The upper case sub-head does not appear in the Web edition for some reason:

Translink funding short of funds, critics say


Revenue stops if drivers stop pumping gas



One might well believe that Translink is more interested in motorists continuing driving than in getting those drivers to use public transit.

While I applaud Translink for selling some of its aging trolley fleet to Argentina instead of scrapping them, it pees me off that Argentina can return these buses to service as Translink seems unwilling to.

When I'm waiting half an hour on a wet, cold, miserable day (yes, we sometimes suffer them in this neck of the woods) I don't care whether it's a vintage trolley or new bus that arrives at the stop.

To get more out of their cars, expand the bus fleet. You do this by reducing the profligate spending on new stock.

We have, in my opinion, too many purchasing agents, employed within government, exemplifying our throw-away society. I don't doubt that in most cases they are following orders, but waste is waste, and we're paying an extremely heavy price.