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Flyers and junk mail



I just moved, and put through a change of address with Canada Post. So I got this "smart moves" package in the mail from them. It's a package with a small, half-page cover letter welcoming me to my new home and thanking me for using their change of address service.

Then, the rest of the package is full of flyers from various companies like Home Depot, Sears, etc. There's one booklet (which is basically a bunch of advertisements) that has "renovating tips, decorating ideas and buying advice" that Canada Post produces itself, and then the rest of the stuff in the package are just straight flyers from stores.

I think it's ridiculous that Canada Post generates money in such an a) environmentally-unfriendly and b) annoying way. I have "no junk mail" plastered on my mailbox for a reason. I don't need Canada Post sending me this crap in packages with my address on it.

How conveeeenient that "Canada Post may coordinate special offers from business mailers that offer products and services relevant to someone who has moved to a new address. Canada Post will not share your information with those businesses, but simply deliver their special offers to you on their behalf." And then, of course, I have to remove my name from the list (as opposed to them asking for permission to send me this crap in the first place).

Oh, I'll be happy to remove my name from the list. They're going to get an earful (or, eyeful, I guess, since I'll do it online) from them while I'm at it.

Seriously - flyers and junk mail are responsible for so much waste. Why isn't it illegal yet? Does ANYONE actually LIKE getting junk mail? (And who cares if they do? There are other ways stores can advertise their specials.)

What makes me especially angry is that I paid $68 for the privilege of being put on their junk mail list. A US friend tells me that the US Postal Service doesn't charge anything for change of address mail redirection. Imagine that. They do socialized mail delivery better than we do!

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That's abusive, if you ask me.

My junk mail battle is mostly with the "London Free Press and Church Bulletin".

Not that they deliver the newspaper to me. But they deliver everything else, the flyers from all the stores and "The Londoner", a used to be independant free paper that was bought out by LFP&CB.

I finally had all that stuff stopped, but now it has started again. Must be a new delivery person.

This week, I got a free "Toronto Sun", which, in two inch screaming headlines, informed me of the horrors of the Toronto napkin shortage, and the social costs of napkin blackmarketeering. Apparently, by the front page photos, Torontonians who never learned how to eat without gooshing things all over their faces are in a pickle.

So we are back to the old routine, flyers on the porch carried through the house out to the backyard and into the blue box in the garbage bin.

I am going to phone the Freeps today, tell them I already told them to stop delivery of this stuff, and inform them that next time I will be calling the city by law enforcement and have them deliver a littering ticket to the Freeps.

I mean, they are throwing garbage on my property.