How much natural gas ( global warming Methane) is leaking from the fracking rock?

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George Victor

Saying this:   "Gifting a non-burnt out planet to 'the' kids by denying life to other peoples' kids is ok though? Who gets to choose which of 'the' kids lives and which does not?  ", while at the same time promoting the industry, Roscoe, is a position of fundamental hypocrisy. And saving children (somehow) by promoting our own consumption? No, "moral turmoil" does not describe your position as accurately as nonsensically sanctimonious.


Buddy Kat

Sure right now amounts are minuscule and over the entire industrial revolution the uv rays of the sun have been doing a good job of keeping methane levels in check...however with global warming or green house affects releasing massive amounts in comparably very short periods that should be a concern...

Regarding suing oil and gas ..good luck the government is so integrated with these criminals that they exercise the divine right of kings where they will actually say for example. and this is a real lexample.."It is the crowns water and we can do with it what we want" wonder why there is no fed standard for water ? That is because they are poisoning people with it and that is fine when it's some reserve somewhere in rural land...but god forbid it happens in YOUR back accountability...criminal and what would be defined as terrorist activity if YOU did it.

Regarding suing for effects from CO etc ...good luck the MO of Canada and it's laws regarding murdering by poisoning is such that it is allowed to kill in the long run just not can see this play out in the gagetown affair ..sarnia ...val cartier etc...More recently near Ft Mcmurry.

The formula is very simple....

6 step homegrown killing plan our government (mostly liberal regimes) has been doing on it's people for decades

step 1 - Poison , contaminate, kill using every excuse imaginable (Usually experimentation or profit )
step 2 - cover-up lie, deny, disinform
step 3 - Continue step 2 till all or most victims are dead
step 4 - If exposed by relatives or off spring repeat step2
step 5 - delay as long as possible
step 6 - distribute small sums of taxpayers money and apologize (cost effective)

There you have it.........get used to it and accept it....


Copy this 6 step plan would be surprised how you can actually point to it ona bi annual basis...Wink





George Victor wrote:

As for this: "methane in the atmosphere ,you better hope it doesn't make up 5% of the atmosphere..If it does can kiss the planet goodbye"'s unfortunate that in looking up the explosive properties of methane you did not do more research into the physical impossibility of that much methane being produced. The best scientific evidence says it could amount to 50 per cent of the toal carbon emissions since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution...and we are still talking hundredths. Such hysteria does not promote the environmental cause.

So what do you think caused the Deepwater Horizon Explosion? It is irrelevant what the average atmospheric concentration of methane is when it can reach 5% locally, and that is what would cause the fireballs (how dangerous they would be would depend on location and frequency, and other impacts of climate change will likely be far more serious in my view).

The current concentration of methane in the atmosphere is about 1750 parts per billion by volume, or about .000175 percent, compared to to carbon dioxide at about 390 parts per million, or 0.039 percent. Methane contributes 4-9% of the greenhouse effect currently, compared to carbon dioxide at 9 to 26%, not including water vapour feedback (there would be less water vapour in the atmosphere if there were less carbon dioxide). Considering the Global Warming Potential of methane over 20 years is several times the usually quoted figure of 25 over 100 years, any significant increase in methane concentrations over a period of decades or less (such as a 50% increase) would be a catastrophe.

Worst case scenarios are alarming, but anthropogenic climate change already seems to be a problem that we should have been dealing with years ago.

George Victor

Buddy Kat was talking " 5% of the atmosphere" . The Earth's effing atmosphere. Get serious.

P.S....I've spent the last 30 years ringing the goddam alarm bells. But it's people with the fucking 5 per cent scenarios that cause very serious loss of following among people who are in denial about the whole process. Like death itself.


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