Militarization of Energy in Ontario

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Militarization of Energy in Ontario

defend civil liberties by ivona vujica

Premier McGuinty is " always looking for new ideas."


Ontarians have thrown their support behind the public renewable energy, SUPPORTIVE OF our water, food, land, forests, environment, nature, health, economy, future, and Access to energy 


McGuinty government has thrown back at us:



1) bills which deny Ontarians any power of decision making and implementation regarding energy/environment/health/kids'future/livelihoods in their communities;


2)police intimidation and threatening visits to homes of those who are not shut up by the bills


3)Ontario is on a hair-trigger alert for mobilization a full blown military force to protect the gates of the private energy corporations in Ontario.

Instead of having an opportunity to recreate our energy system in the spirit of our current environmental situation, we are faced with an energy system which is increasingly privatized and militarized - some call this "green."


The private energy farms / private gas corps are not in Ontario because we support them - we don't!

So how come they're here?  Where is the problem?  What is the problem?  How was it created?  Who created it?

Do we tend to answer these questions as we are fighting a private energy corp in our backyard?  

Many communities in Ontario are fighting their isolated battles in parallel to each other - without seeing each other or connecting to each other.  These fights are divided into their respective cantons: anti-nuke/coal canton; anti- gas canton; anti-industrial wind farm canton.  

Some of these isolated fights give licence to private energy corps to go to "my neighbour's backyard."  

Some cantons end up ignoring/attacking other cantons. E.g. anti nuke/coal canton throws support behind and is supported by private gas corps, ignoring the consequences of gas mining/fracturing and burning on the environment as well as the privatization of energy in Ontario - shame!

Green ngos and associations are supporting and are supported by the private industrial energy farm corps, promoting the energy privatization in Ontario - shame! They are happy to quote "scientific research" in support of private wind farms, while ignoring the voices of people who are living!!! with the first hand knowledge & running away to survive the consequences of the private industrial energy farms in Ontario - shame!

Anti-industrial wind farm people do not raise issues with coal/gas/nuclear burning/mining or privatization of energy in Ontario - or maybe they [email protected]? = How would we know -  when our basic intention has boiled down to ignoring each other and cursing each other based on our class differences and vested interests > losing out of focus our basic common goal:

public local distributed integrated environmentally sound cool community-empowering energy system in Ontario - NOW!

What's on display is the concern for "my backyard"/ "my monetary gain" - and not the concern for the basic prerequisite for life on earth: environment! NOR the concern with the privatization of energy and the concurrent withdrawal of our civil liberties - a basic condition for irreversible liquidation of the environment! NOR our common goal: public integrated cool renewable energy which is local and distributed and in tune with all our other goals.


Issues Pages: 

Well this is the corporate agenda at work. We can see how this model of corporate capitalism is failing us, and a majority of us want to change it [for various reasons from environment to human rights to economic equality].

And I think I know why it remains in place, and why it the corporate hand will continue to strenthen - because in the corporate capitalist system the money gets concentrated in just a few hands, and those with the money have the ear of government, and so government does all they can for the wealthy elites.

How to change it? I still believe that if the people were enlightened enough to see what is going on, they would not vote for the two parties that have allways been in power in Ottawa. ANYBODY ELSE would be a good idea!! So, "education", or some way to beat the corporatist propaganda, to shift our awareness beyond "Liberals, or Conservatives?", is how we get there.

Look what they have managed to achieve in Chavez's Venezuela!! It CAN be done!!!









Right on, Noah! We have to first imagine that it's possible before people can make it real. The disenfranchised and the non-voters and frustrated voters together outnumber the powerful few. And when 95% of us realize we far outnumber the powerful tiny minority buying governments, change will occur.