Ontario Parents Suspect Wi-Fi Making Kids Sick

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Am I the only smoker around who is enjoying a moment of Schadenfreude?

Sorry. I know that's a troll. Sometimes I just can't help it.

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People smoke? ;)

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So it's your belief that the World Health Organization is lying about the dangers of cellphones and Wi-Fi because they're somehow on the take, or because they need the taxpayer dollars that they'll only get if they keep hush about cellphone dangers? 

Is that what you're almost saying?

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Frankly, I am still stuck on the notion that people smoke.

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Certainly if there's any proof that it might be harmful (or even a lack of proof that it's not!) we should ban smoking immediately, yes?

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still grappling with the notion, am not that far in my deliberations, afterall what is the hurry?

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Closing for length.


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