"Quebec town pours cold water on wood stoves"

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"Quebec town pours cold water on wood stoves"


Nothing says winter comfort like stepping indoors and feeling the full-body hug of a blazing wood stove.  But
one Montreal-area town is pouring cold water on that wintry reprieve,
banning the installation of new wood stoves and outlawing their use
entirely within seven years.

The Town of Hampstead, an affluent municipality on Montreal Island,
passed the bylaw two weeks ago, and now the City of Montreal is
considering doing the same.  Hampstead's mayor, William Steinberg, says the bylaw will cut air
pollution throughout the area, but air-quality experts and local
fireplace installers suggest he's blowing smoke.

"I think it's ill-conceived," said Eduardo Franco, director of the
division of cancer epidemiology at McGill University. "The industrial
air pollution in Montreal should be much more of a concern." ...