Sing For The Climate!

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Sing For The Climate!

As music has been the glue in many social movements, in honour of the Climate Strike, I think a thread about environmentally-related songs would be a good idea. I'll start:

For the beauty of the earth

All things bright and beautiful

This is God's wonderous world

Have at this thread!


I have been at this protesting in support of the environment for a while now, here is something from forty years ago.

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What About Me? Quicksilver Messenger Service.


Most people are familiar with the Brady Bunch version, this is the original:


The url below includes a video of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra playing Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Ode to Joy, as part of the week of the global Student Strikes for Climate Action from September 20-27.

Symphony orchestra musicians in British Columbia amassed as a flash mob in front of the Vancouver Public Library’s Central Branch on September 26 to perform part of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony as a climate protest.

Patrick McNabb, who captured the video, told Storyful he was walking by the library and was drawn in by the song the musicians were playing, the part of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony commonly known as the Ode to Joy. The video shows protesters holding various signs in a circle around the musicians. One sign reads “Musicians for Climate Action.”

The Climate Action Protest Facebook page said the orchestra members were on a break from rehearsals at the time of the protest.

The protest was part of a Global Climate Strike, which called for demonstrations in major cities around the world during the week of September 20–27. Credit: Patrick McNabb via Storyful



John Mollusk gives Greta Thunberg's UN climate-change address a metal makeover

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