Son of Kyoto: Copenhagen

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how about a new thread, on that note.....

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George Victor wrote:

But, what WOULD you call those people promoting coal as "green"?  Have you run out of epithets when denouncing the champions of change?   Is it the attack on your lifestyle or assumed freedoms that brings out the challenge to their ancestry? :D

That is the whole point, GV. How are they "champions of change" if they are living in huge homes and globetrotting on jumbo jets? They don't deserve to be called champions of change.  They are attacking the same lifestyle they refuse to give up (and from my perspective believe that certain rich people like themselves should be allowed to keep it). My lifestyle I have changed quite a bit, so I don't feel attacked - just annoyed that they won't follow suit as well. We need true champions of change. Not liars and hypocrites. 

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