Who Killed the Electric Car?

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Who Killed the Electric Car?



I had a chance to see this movie on cable yesterday. I recommend it highly. A great expose on how the oil and auto companies, and government officials in California and Washington, D.C. all worked to successfully kill the EV and EV II. Imgine offering to re-lease or buy a car, and the car company refuses.



I'm going to move this to the Environmental Justice forum.

Looks like a good movie!


I saw a torrent of this a year ago, such notables as Mel Gibson, Alexandra Paul and a few other who elude my memory. Very good movie and informative. There is a part where GM garantees it will not crush the cars but reuse all the parts of the vehicles when they are removing them from the road...they pan to a wreching yard and they are being crushed.
This one may be more important to watch for the USian public than al gores movie. Need to inform these people!


Oh what a great movie! I watched it in limited release when it was in theatres last year. It was so eye-opening to see the way that EV1 owners loved their cars, and would have done anything, including days and days of protesting, in order to keep them. But, they were taken away, right from their owner's (well leaser's) drive ways, and driven away into a secret GM back lot. It's a well-done movie, worth checking out!

Max Bialystock

Highly recommended!


I saw parts of this a while back. Fucking maddening. Today, Honda announces the end of their hybrid Accords.

Another step in the right direction.


I had a problem with the film. If everyone converted to electric cars how did they expect to generate all of that electricity?

The energy companies would be laughing all the way to the bank while buring their product to create electricity.

I got a big laugh when an engineer explained that using laptop battery technology would get us 300 miles per charge. Yeah, as anyone recently bought a batter for your laptop. Ouch, expensive.

The EV1 would never has sold more than a few thousand vehicles for all the same reasons that Honda's sells so few Insight and Hybrid Accords.

Not related to the movie but to the number of people claiming their electric car produces no emissions while blissfully ignorant of the pollution dumped into the environment from the coal/gas/nuclear plant generating electricity just a few miles away. [img]frown.gif" border="0[/img]