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Brian White

I found a few superb videos (by a canadian guy) recently. They were taken here and in Mexico.  They are about various bees and wasps and the incredible interactions they have with flowers.   If you watch the orchid bee video you will get one level of compexity.

Thats the one in Mexico   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEcv3dBuOe4

But the complexity is also here in one of his other videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiwkJui2mh0

There is also a good one on a wasp nest and other insect videos that  I have not looked at.

It is exceptional quality  in video and in explanation  and he has a great voice for it too.


Brian White

The EPA leaked document was sent to the beekeeper in the video. One chemical was used for 8 growing seasons even though it failed the EPA "life cycle test" on bees.   And I think it continues to be used.

Seems the EPA leadership are not interested in the safety of industrial products that people spray on crops that we eat.


Brian White

Do we really need to protect native species to protect native bees?   Here is perhaps the reason why we have so many types of native bees and also the reason why we need to protect the native plants.  The bee flower relationships may be much more specific than people realized.

The flower requires a minimum number of bees to polinate them but bees eat pollen as well as polinating with it.  So they have to keep bee numbers to an optimum. Seems the plants "prefer" certain species of bees.


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