Wind Turbines iii

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Wind Turbines iii

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Todrick of Chat...

The Desboro Inn is still open, I had a few beers there this weekend.

George Victor

Might it inspire an Al Purdy to compose something comparable to At the Quinte Hotel?


Went to a local community meeting a few days ago. An information session about windmills that are in the proposal stages for this area in central Ontario. There were by my estimate about three hundred people,

I must say the oposition to those windmills is getting much better, The government on the other hand sent some total PR dudds from the green energy initiative, who only talked about procedural matters. The locals gave Rick Johnson, our local MPP a hard time for having supported the Ontario government in bypassing local say in the decision process. People were realy frustrated by the lack of answeres to their concerns There was also an increased anger with the urban needs over riding rural concerns.